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  2. Finger-lickin’ spicy wings in Manchester
Finger-Lickin’ Spicy Wings in Manchester

Finger-lickin’ spicy wings in Manchester

Nothing quite heals the soul like indulging in a bucket of flavoursome spicy wings at the end of a long week! Proper wing joints are hard to find in Manchester, so we did all the work and compiled the ultimate list for you!

If you're looking to score some saucy wings to cuddle up with by the TV, there are hidden spots in town that can provide you with the most scrumptious of wings.

1. Cane & Grain

Cane & Grain's chicken wings are not just crispy, hot and succulent, but also smothered in either a flaming hot buffalo sauce or a classic barbeque sauce. Opt for the blue cheese dip to balance out the sweet and salty flavours, and an irresistible side of freshly salted "pimped up" fries drenched in red cheddar and jack cheese! Whatever you choose, you can guarantee you'll be licking your fingers by the end it. It's definitely on its way to being one of the UK's greatest places for some truly mouth-watering chicken.

There's nothing better than wings… other than free wings, of course.  At the moment, Cane & Grain offers hungry customers an exclusive Deliveroo-only deal: Free Wings Wednesday! Order any one of the restaurant's tasty dishes and get a portion of wings for free.

2. Oishi Q

Taste the Japanese inspiration in Oishi Q's yummy Asian-style wings! Their chicken pieces are deep fried to give it a golden crispiness, and then served with a sweet chilli dip. Salty and sweet, crispy yet saucy- these scrumptious Japanese wings will utterly blow you away.

Finish your meal off with either an order of ice-cold soda, or pick from Oishi Q's calming selection of herbal teas. It's a win-win!

3. Cabana Rio Street Food

Sink your teeth into Cabana Rio Street Food's Spicy Malagueta Wings! Fresh, hot and drizzled in an exquisite Brazilian piri-piri sauce- rest assured you will not be disappointed. The Malagueta sauce teasingly tickles your taste buds without setting your mouth completely on fire.

Don't forget to grab a tub of their freshly made guacamole and corn crisps to tame the zest!

4. Louisiana No.1 Wings, Mojo

Like all wings at Mojo's, the Louisiana No. 1's are seasoned and smoked, then fried until they're bronze, crisp and ready to be devoured. These exceptional wings are glazed with Mojo's very own secret hot sauce to give you a proper good jolt.

If you like it mild, Mojo's offers a variety of tame yet creatively flavourful alternatives, like their nacho wings, which are rolled in crumbed up nachos, avocados and jalapenos. If you're a daredevil, however, give their sweet and salty PB & J wings a try!

If you're looking to spice up your night, Deliveroo can get Manchester's best wings delivered right to your door!

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