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No Need to Spit Feathers – These Vegan Dishes Only Mimic Chicken!

Faux chicken dishes and more for vegan diners

Vegan food choices are on the rise and whatever kind of cuisine you're into – from Italian pizza to Chinese noodles – it's no problem finding a vegan choice on a menu these days. Vegetarian menus abound and the number of vegan chicken dishes is also on the rise. Made with seitan, tofu or tempeh, vegan chicken can be surprisingly similar to the real thing, in both taste and texture.

We've got some tasty examples below which include vegan versions of Southern deep-fried chicken, a vegan chicken burger and even vegan chicken wings – otherwise known as "vings". So get ready to tuck in – this selection will have you clucking away with contentment.

1. Seoul Vings

For any former meat-eater whose gone vegan, there are certain things that you might crave, no matter how much your mind prefers it meat-free! If your weakness happens to be chicken wings, Twisted can help with their selection of Vings – seitan chicken wings. Seitan is a vegan meat substitute made by washing wheat flour dough until all the starch is removed. It's also known as "wheat meat". Our recommendation from the Twisted menu is the portion of 6 Seoul Vings that come with a sweet chilli sauce, a radish and pickled ginger salad and a huge helping of satisfaction.

2. Chick'n

If you're in the mood for a taste of the deep South, you can get it vegan-style at Mildreds. This veggie restaurant has been a Soho institution for vegetarians since the late 80s and now has a number of branches throughout London. It's menu takes its diners around the world on a vegetarian and vegan tasting experience.  Our top pick is the Chick'n – vegan buttermilk and panko deep-fried mock chicken that comes with sweet potato fries and red cabbage to show that, really, it's the meat-eaters who are missing out here.

3. The Guac Burger

Everything on the menu at By CHLOE is vegan, so you can't really go wrong here. However, if you're looking for a meal that's reminiscent of something a little more meaty, why not try The Guac Burger? The patty's made of black beans, quinoa and sweet potato and it's got a godly portion of house-made guacamole on it too. One taste and you'll understand why this is one of the most popular dishes at by CHLOE.

4. Vegetarian Dim Sum

Dim sum often includes meat such as chicken, pork or fish, but there are plenty of veggie options on most Chinese menus too. Take Noodle Street's menu, for instance. Its selection of Vegetarian Dim Sum is perfect for someone who loves the tastes and textures of dim sum, but wants to keep their plate meat-free!

5. The Sneaky Clucker

Sink your teeth into a Sneaky Clucker from the Oowee Diner and you'd be forgiven for thinking that they'd mixed your order up with a real chicken burger. This crispy fried "Chicken" from the vegan menu tastes just like real chicken. It comes with salad and the house signature vegan dirty sauce on it too, for a taste profile that is absolutely off the charts.​

Have we helped you find an alternative to a chicken dish that fits with your vegan lifestyle? Yes? Well, order it now with Deliveroo!

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