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  2. A fantastic fish dish for every day of the week
A fantastic fish dish for every day of the week

A fantastic fish dish for every day of the week

Fish in all of its forms is a bona fide super food. Healthy, nutritious and exceptionally tasty, it's a great way to add protein, vitamin D and much-needed omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, to keep your brain and body functioning at full capacity.

But you don't want to eat the same dish each and every day, do you? That's why we created this article. Giving you all the inspiration you need to keep your meals full of flavour and fantastically varied, it will help you stay fighting fit and super healthy this spring…  


We can all agree that sushi is supremely tasty; more than that, it's packed full of goodness too. Low in both saturated fats and cholesterol, it's specifically known for being a heart-healthy choice, which means you can chow down without feeling even a smidgen of guilt. The best place to try it is Little Lotus, which offers freshly made cuisine that's just bursting with delicate and delicious flavours. Their Teriyaki Salmon is our particular favourite.    


Come Tuesday, why not swap sushi for Fresh Diver Scallops? A great source of both magnesium and potassium, this flavoursome dish tastes best when purchased from the fantastic Pier 1. Cooked to perfection in a light tempura batter by the family-run restaurant, it really is a mouth-wateringly magnificent choice.    


How about some seafood pasta for Wednesday? Loaded with important nutrients, seafood is incredibly good for you, and it tastes great when paired with perfectly cooked pasta. The Tagliatelle Primo from Primos is an ideal example of this, combining ribbons of pasta with king prawns, salmon, courgette, tomatoes and garlic to make one fantastically flavoured meal. Try it for yourself and see.    


Moving from Italian on to Indian for our Thursday pick, we suggest adding a tasty Goan Fish Curry to your weekly selections. Incorporating cubes of cod cooked in a special gravy spiked with kokum, this mouth-watering meal is best served with steamed basmati rice, as demonstrated by 4500 Miles from Delhi.    


For Friday, we recommend some good old-fashioned Fish and Chips, and where better to buy them than My Cod? Overflowing with flavour, this is definitely not the healthiest option, but the taste more than makes up for a bit of naughtiness if you do decide to take a break from your diet. Besides, we all need to indulge every once in a while!  


Our next cuisine choice comes from a different part of the world again, so let's take a trip to Thailand (figuratively, not literally) and try some of Bangkok Café's Dom Yam Gung. This spicy prawn soup combines lemongrass, galangal, and coriander to make an appetiser that's amazingly tasty. We guarantee that it will quickly become your go-to option.  


Back to Japan for our final pick, and we've selected Bonzi Sushi Bar's Shibuya. Combining salmon, eel, and avocado with sweet baked miso sauce, this delicious delicacy will leave you well satisfied with the climax of your fantastically fish-filled week.

Ready to add some much-needed goodness to your diet? Then see what the tide's turned up by ordering these delicacies straight to your door.  

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