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  2. England's biggest burger stacks: How do you like yours?
England's Biggest Burgers: How Do You Like Yours?

England's biggest burger stacks: How do you like yours?

Trends come and go, but burgers will always be popular. We've gone a little further than your basic burger in 2017, and we're seeing exciting creations up and down the country. Whether you're seeking out your own favourite burger creation in small towns up North, or actively heading to THE coolest burger joints in the big city down South, burgers are a whole lot more than just meat, cheese and lettuce these days!

Stack them tall, stack them high, stack them with sauce, veg or more meat - it's a bit of an issue of contention when it comes to how they're stacked. But if you really can't decide - why not try them all?

1. Almost Famous: River Phoenix

If there's any such thing as burger royalty, Almost Famous would probably take the crown as the kings and queens. Pioneering intricate burger designs in venues across the country, you can now enjoy them in your very own home. There are so many amazing choices on the menu, from the burgers to their loaded waffle fries, but River Phoenix is one of the more popular options. A double cheeseburger stacked with bacon, shoestring onions, frazzles, red chillies, redneck BBQ, Bacon Bacon Mayo and finished with winning ketchup, this is a real contender for your new fave burger.

2. Red's True BBQ: Dirty Burger Pit

Red's True BBQ have a few different restaurants, all priding themselves on the very best of American-influenced cuisine. The Dirty Pit Burger comes complete with beef brisket to die for, but in true burger style, that's not all it's layered with! You'll also find a beef patty, pulled pork, smoked peppered bacon, melted cheese, and a healthy helping of Unholy BBQ sauce. You'll be a disciple for this one in no time!

3. Mac & Wild: The Veni-Moo


Voted London's best burger of 2016, the Veni-Moo from Mac & Wild offers something different but utterly delicious. A venison patty with cheese, bearnaise sauce, caramelised onions on a brioche bun might seem a little more simple than some of these other offerings, but everything blends together perfectly. This one's ridiculously popular, and it's easy to see why!

4. Monty's Lounge: Mac & Cheese Burger


Monty's Lounge gives us not one but two things that we crave: macaroni cheese and burgers, all in one. Now, that's not the only thing they offer two of! This burger comes stacked not only with deep fried mac & cheese atop an aged beef patty, but some of the gooey stuff as well. This is a Mac & Cheese burger alright - can you handle it?

Burgers with bacon, burgers with BBQ, or burgers with beets; whatever it is you like, find it on Deliveroo.

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