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5 Insanely Good Twists On Easter Eggs

5 insanely good twists on easter eggs

Easter is coming, which means EASTER EGGS. But the chocolatey fun doesn't have to end there. Inventive chocaholics around London have been remixing the classic Easter egg into all sorts of magical creations.

And the best bit? You don't have to scramble around in bushes and peer into plant pots for them...

1. Creme Egg Pizza, Crust Bros


Pizza topped with Creme Eggs? And Mini Egg sprinkles? No you're not dreaming, it's Crust Bros' genius Easter creation that you can order exclusively on Deliveroo. Scoff on a macerated strawberry base, topped with mascarpone, mint and of course gooey Creme Eggs.

2. Rinkoff's Creme Egg Cronut

Pretty special, eh? As if the cronut, a masterful hybrid of the croissant and the doughnut, couldn't get any better, Rinkoff Bakery has launched its Easter-tastic Creme Egg version. Just think...that gooey Creme Egg filling oozing down the sides of a fluffier-than-a-duvet cronut, with an obligatory Creme Egg perched on top.

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3. Bunnychow's Easter Bunny Loaf


Using hollowed-out loaves of bread to house savoury delights such as curry and meatballs, the Easter offering from Bunnychow is more of a sweet sensation. Filled with either raspberry jam or chocolate sauce, with the option to add clotted cream (yes, please!), these South African street food connoisseurs really know what's up.

4. Duck and Waffle's Golden Easter Egg


Image: SquareMeal

Looks fancy, doesn't it? For a seriously decadent Easter treat, hop your way over to Duck and Waffle to crack open their Golden Egg, filled with Nutella mousse and lolling casually in some hazelnut and milk soup. That's one eggs-travagant Easter egg.

5. Union Street Cafe's Golden Chocolate Easter Egg


This absolute delight of an Easter egg is filled with white chocolate panna cotta and mango cream and served with blackcurrant sorbet, flowers and chocolate soil. Inventive stuff and rather pretty to boot!

If this lot has tickled your sweet tooth, find yourself some sweet treats over on Deliveroo now.

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