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Where to Find the Best Halal Kebabs in Glasgow

Get Me a Fab Halal Kebab

If you're in the mood for heavenly kebabs from all over the world, you don't need to look far! Even though London is typically the kebab centre of the UK, you can find some delicious halal kebabs fresh off the grill here in the heart of Glasgow. Prepared and grilled using halal-certified meats for those who prefer their meals cooked in the utmost of traditional methods, divine Persian, Lebanese and Turkish kebabs are just waiting to be devoured. We've put together a guide to the best aromatic and succulent halal kebabs Glasgow has to offer, so be sure not to miss out on these juicy wonders today!

1.  Kofta Kebab - Byblos Café

Beloved and ever-popular Middle Eastern dishes are served at Byblos Café, ranked as Glasgow's top Lebanese cuisine on TripAdvisor- and for good reason. Classic Mediterranean dishes like fatayer and kofta wraps are served fresh and hot, with homemade ingredients and recipes whipped up perfectly to order. Byblos' kofta kebab, a classic and everyday kebab known around the world for its absolutely to-die-for spices mixed into minced grilled lamb, is wrapped inside homemade Lebanese khobez bread and topped with everyone's favourite dip: hummus. Finished off with a crunchy salad, this savoury everyday dish is a star in Byblos!

2. Kebab Momtaz - Paradise

When it comes to exotic and lesser-known Persian dishes prepared with traditional, unique sauces and aromatic spices, Paradise does it best! Incredible tasting kebabs, soups, salads and even Persian naan bread are prepared in their kitchens with a never-ending hypnotic smell that has you drooling in anticipation. The Kebab Momtaz is a combination of a finely diced lamb fillet, dripping in juices and flavour, popped onto skewers then finely grilled to perfection. Every barbecued dish is served with a steamy plate of rice, freshly fried chips or delicious baked naan bread to compliment your sensational grilled meal!

3. Seekh Kebab - Tuk Tuk

With authentic dishes from the streets of India to the bellies of Glasgow, Tuk Tuk has some of the finest Southeast Asian grilled dishes available. Mesmerizing treats like chicken lollipops and Bengali fishcakes are a few of the wonderful bites to check out before dining on their Seekh Kebab, a deliciously homemade minced lamb grill mixed with traditional spices and cooked in a zesty tandoori style. Fresh, genuine and riveting, Seekh Kebabs are the go-to favourites for veteran kebab lovers.

4. Gola Kebab - Obsession of India

More scrumptious dishes from India can be found at Obsession of India- and you know they'll be good just by looking at the name! With high ratings and a famous reputation for serving fantastically creamy and rich curries, juicy grilled goods and traditional starters, you have to try the Gola Kebab at this highly recommended spot. A tandoori-cooked starter consisting of chicken and cheese formed into lightly spiced balls that deliver an exciting and tingly fusion of taste with each bite, this appetiser goes perfectly with any curry main dish!

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