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Dish Of The Day: Fish And Chips

Dish of the day: fish and chips

Perhaps the most famous British duo outside of Ant and Dec, fish and chips is a force to be reckoned with. Quintessentially British and loved by tourists and locals alike, this paper-wrapped meal is a cultural institution. From coast to coast, chippies across the UK offer up their golden chips and freshly fried fish to the masses.

And there's fresh fish available all over the country – from Poppies traditional chippy in London, Alfies fish and chips in Bournemouth, or Harbourside Fish & Chips in Salisbury. But before we make your mouth water too much, let's take a look at how we've come to love this humble dish so much.

The dream fish dish

There's something uniquely appealing about a steaming bag of golden fish and fluffy chips. And whether you're a mushy pea maestro or a curry sauce connoisseur there's no doubt this dish will always be finished with a personal flourish. Don't even get us started on salt versus vinegar.

But it's not just toppings that offer up variety in this staple, while cod is the original fish of choice, there's a whole host of battered fish options out there – from haddock at Harbourside Fish & Chips to skate and calamari at Poppies.

Deep-frying for decades

Battered fish was brought over to England by Spanish Jews, and in typical Brit fashion we gave it a hearty twist with a heavier, crispier batter. Then we paired it with deep-fried potato as early as the 1800s – and never looked back.

Since then fish and chips have become a true British institution, with Churchill himself calling the classic combination the 'good companions' – a match made in heaven if ever there was one. By the early 1900s there were over 35,000 chippies in the UK, each with its own loyal weekly customers.

The best of British

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Luckily for us Brits, you're never too far away from a traditional chip shop. For the best in no-frills fare, look no further than Harbourside Fish & Chips. Choose from cod or haddock, and pair up with their deliciously thick-cut chips for an easy dinner that's simple but sumptuous.

If you're heading for a seaside stroll, Alfies chip shop in Bournemouth is the perfect stop off before the promenade. Their cod goujons and whole tail scampi are our favourites, but we've got a soft spot for their crispy pea fritter. A great alternative to their mushier counterpart, these golden crumbed fritters really are the cherry on top.

And finally, if it's nostalgia you're after take a peek inside Poppies chip shops in London. It's been going since 1952, serving up chippie classics to the capital. The menu offers everything from cod and mackerel to jellied eels – but the signature golden chips are what bring everyone back for more.

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