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Dish Of The Day: Chicken Wings

Dish of the day: chicken wings

There's a reason people pair nights in front of the TV with chicken wings – they're the ultimate finger food. Ideal for a sticky feast, we turn to Red's True BBQ when our appetites are large. Their little kickers aren't so small, and are best served to the famished. Keeping in line with tradition, MEATliquor's buffalo wings build on original recipes while TGI Fridays experiment with extra helpings of sweet and hot sauces. There's no end to chicken wing flavour medleys.

A step back in time

Let's take a leap back to 1964 in upstate Buffalo, New York. Teressa Bellissimo is cooking up the first batch of buffalo chicken wings for her son and his hungry friends in their family run restaurant, The Anchor Bar. Tossed in a secret family sauce, these wings were served up with a side of celery and blue cheese simply because that was all in the cupboard. An instant success, it wasn't long before people were flocking to Buffalo for a taste of wings at their birthplace.

Fast-forward half a century – a lot may have changed since that first platter of chicken wings was rustled up, but there's one element that hasn't. Chicken wings, like all great appetisers, should be shared. Whether you're gathering to watch the footie or simply kicking back with friends, chicken wings go hand in hand with great memories.

Hot or not?

When it comes down to fulfilling your chicken wing needs, many of us are left with the difficult question – mild and sweet or hot and spicy?

Packing a peppery punch, we turn to MEATliquor's buffalo wings, dripping with enough hot sauce to send your taste buds dancing. Combined with a smooth and cool blue cheese dip that'll remedy even the longest lingering chilli-mouth, these wings combine the traditional with a unique spice blend like no other.

Willing to take it a step further? Then Red's True BBQ offers a devilish dish. Their XXXL barbecued wings are pit-smoked for two hours to make sure their chicken tears effortlessly off the bone. Oh, and don't let us brush past why they refer to them as the devil. These blazing spices will not only send your mouth watering in anticipation but also have you shedding a tear or two. You've been warned.

And, who's to say you can't get creative when it's not all about the spice? TGI's are serving their adventurously syrupy wings, tossed in a cola glaze, for a slightly sweet take on the classic. These rich and saucy wings leave the spice to its hotter relatives, like the fiery scorpion wings, and instead focus on an abundance of tangy flavours. Each bite packs a zesty thump.

Hankering for some saucy sharers? Get these chicken wings and other American classics here on Deliveroo.

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