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Dish Of The Day: Burrito

Dish of the day: burrito

Sometimes, you just need something unabashedly messy. And when these times call, there's only one thing that'll do the job – a burrito. From Mission Burrito's San Fran whoppers to Taco Mazama's naked vegan burrito bowls, there's something here for everyone. Lovers of Indian food can even get in on the action too, thanks to Wrapchic's inventive fusion food.

What do you want in yours?

Whether you fancy succulent pulled pork or shredded beef, or you choose to go veggie with roast peppers and marinated seitan, there's a burrito to suit every palate. It's hard to resist the temptation of a hot wrap filled to bursting with spiced rice, refried beans and juicy fillings, all topped off with sour cream and a spoonful of salsa.

And it's the salsas that make it. Perhaps you'll go for a mild but tangy salsa verde to play it cool. Or if you're a spice devotee, then brave a fruity and fiery habanero. Just keep a drink close-by to cool off. Spice sets off the burrito, but it shouldn't overpower the other feisty Mexican flavours in your wrap.

Who wrapped the first burrito?

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Oddly enough, if you were to ask for a burrito in Mexico, you'd probably get something very different from what you might expect. Instead of a giant tortilla bursting with all sorts of goodies, you'd get a far smaller and slimmer affair, with just meat and perhaps some beans.

The burrito we all know and love comes from further north — the Mission District of San Francisco. San Franciscans took the humble Mexican burrito and did what Americans did best – they supersized it, stuffing it full of rice and salads to the point where it needed to be wrapped in foil to keep it all together. And we couldn't be happier about it.

Grab your burrito with both hands

Today, the burrito's a favourite around the world, from the breakfast burrito, piled full of fluffy scrambled eggs, to wacky fusions. Mission Burrito are dedicated to bringing burritos to diners all over the country, in an homage to American Tex-Mex taquerias. Their pork carnitas burritos are filled with tender meat, smoky chipotle and Mexican beans, alongside creamy guacamole and gooey Monterey Jack cheese. This is a classic burrito – the way they're meant to be eaten.

Scotland's Taco Mazama do things a bit differently. They still offer all the great burritos you know and love, and you can get them in a lighter form too. Their burrito bowls deliver all the intense flavours, but let you cut the carbs. Fill your bowl with chargrilled chicken, mild pico de gallo, crunchy lettuce and homemade guacamole for a virtuous take on this classic.

But if you're feeling more adventurous, then burritos are the base for amazing fusion cooking. Wrapchic swap Mexican flavours for Indian ones, creating a whole new kind of dinner delight. The chefs here grind and blend the spices themselves, before adding them to their fillings. Get mint and coriander chicken Rajasthani in a burrito, or go vegan with their Soya Amritsari wrap. Burritos and curry go hand in hand, and we're amazed nobody came up with this combination earlier.

You don't even need to head outside to get your hands on these amazing burritos – get your next one brought straight to your door, thanks to Deliveroo.

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