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Dish Of The Day: Bacon Sandwich

Dish of the day: bacon sandwich

The bacon sandwich is a cultural institution, on par with Wimbledon and the Royal Family. Here in Britain, we even ranked the bacon sarnie as the number one thing we love about the country ahead of tea, roast dinners, Buckingham Palace and James Bond.

Affectionately called the bacon butty, bap or sarnie, this is a dish that unites a nation. For a true taste of Britain, check out places like Haché, Great Western Sandwich Co. and Graze.

Keep it simple

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The best bacon sandwich is a delicate balance of simplicity and quality. A bit of flair is always good, but we don't want to go over the top. Especially since research last year found that a quarter of all Brits prefer their bacon sandwich straight up – two slices of untoasted white bread, smoked bacon and brown sauce. That's it. Not even butter.

There are acceptable additions like fried eggs, melting cheese, grilled sausage, or fresh tomato and lettuce taking us into BLT territory. And yes, there are suitable sauces beyond the brown, like sweet ketchup, creamy mayo or piping hot English mustard. Toast the bread and buns or leave them undone. Back or streaky bacon. Everyone knows how they like their bacon sarnie, and you don't mess with that.

Evolutionary perfection

The saying goes 'recipes aren't invented, they evolve.' And this is truly the case for the bacon sandwich. It's hard to say when the first person bundled this bap together. But the sandwich itself is named after the fourth Earl of Sandwich of the late 1700s, who loved eating meat between slices of bread. And one of the first mentions of bacon as its principle ingredient rather than a support act is from a recipe book in 1929.

Whatever the evolution, the UK's contemporary dining scene is full of sarnies, with everything from the classic to the contemporary.

Sandwich science

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Graze in central Leeds pays tribute to the sarnie in all its original glory. Their hot bacon sandwiches are served on a choice of granary sliced, granary roll, white sliced, white roll or ciabatta, with an option of tomato or brown sauce. That's all the choices you need.

The Great Western Sandwich Co. has one of the most extensive lists of bacon sandwiches you'll see in the UK. This Glasgow spot would make the Earl of Sandwich proud, with a commitment to 'next level sandwich science' that sees nearly every ingredient made on site from mayo, salty kimchi, basil pesto to, you guessed it, even their own bacon. Stick with the classic Roll n Bacon or get moving by adding a fried egg, juicy pork links or pungent black pudding.

If you're after something a bit fancier, check out Haché's Smoked Bacon Brioche Roll With A Clarence Court Fried Egg for the perfect brunch companion. Just imagine a bacon sarnie that's gone all grown up and fancy, and that's what you'll find here, crispy bacon is bundled in a spongy brioche bun and topped with a gooey egg.

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