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Dish Of The Day: Bacon Cheeseburger

Dish of the day: bacon cheeseburger

Bread, meat, cheese, bacon – you know the drill. The bacon cheeseburger is celebrated across the globe. Here in the UK, we've got some of the best bacon-and-cheese patties around, from the likes of MEATliquor, Byron and TGI Friday's. To pay homage to this cult classic, we look at the story behind the dish, and round up some of our favourite versions.

From perfect patties to top-notch toppings

So what's the formula to bacon cheeseburger perfection? The beef patty is sizzled over the grill before the sliced cheese is added on top, melting and oozing into the meat. The bacon is fried separately until golden and crispy before joining the cheesy patty on a soft white roll or brioche bun. Equally important to this comforting ensemble are the toppings - fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes and zesty onions, as well as a signature homemade barbecue sauce or relish.

Burger beginnings

To appreciate the fully assembled bacon cheeseburger you'll need to start at its building blocks – the patty and bread. As its name suggests, the hamburger originated from the German city of Hamburg, where it later spread to New York. Almost every state in the U.S. also claims to have made the first hamburger, so it's still a mystery where this much-loved and widely enjoyed super-sandwich came from.

Then – as with many great dishes – cheese was introduced. Again, it's hotly debated as to who first packed a bit of cheesy goodness onto their burger, but you know what? We're just thankful it happened.

Today, bacon is arguably just as much of a staple topping as cheese, and endless variations of how to cook, serve and eat a bacon cheeseburger keeps this timeless treat a favourite.

Where the patty is the breadwinner

Enduring classic it may be, but it seems like everyone puts their own stamp on this meaty powerhouse. A soft and slightly sweet brioche bun at MEATliquor works wonders with the sharp red onion and the salty pickles and bacon.

An even meatier feast is favoured by many, and this is where Byron's double juicy patty action – together with dry cured bacon, briny pickles, tangy American mustard and silky cheddar cheese – comes through for all carnivores.

TGI Friday's go even further, giving their bacon cheeseburger a makeover with a Jack Daniel's infused glaze and candied bacon, adding a smoky-yet-sweet barbecue taste. To balance the sweetness, mild American Monterey Jack cheese is melted on top and a dollop of smooth mayonnaise evens everything out.

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