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An Easy Dinner Party: Five Feasts To Fit All

Redefining the dinner party

Forget slaving over blue soup after a long day at work, or getting the recipe wrong. Indulge fussy eaters with a smile. Do the washing up in thirty seconds flat. In short, redefine the dinner party, and leave the food to the professionals with one of our feasts fit for all.

The Indian Icebreaker

Getting handsy with the last bits of a korma-soaked naan is a perfect way for unacquainted guests to get to know each other. Order one of Motu's revolutionary feast boxes, and – like a messier version of Twister – you'll have everyone reaching over each other to try all the colourful dishes.

Where: Battersea, Peckham

The Tableful of Tapas

A plate of croquetas de jamón here, a bowl of padrón peppers there – the combination of healthy and indulgent means there's something for everyone with tapas. For copious plates of Catalonian satisfaction, order from Tapas Brindisa – they'll even bring you a fine bottle of rioja.

Where: Soho, Shoreditch 

The Italian Job, Done

Polpo's game-changing small plates (aka cicchetti) solve the eternal umming and ahhing that happens when faced with a traditional Italian menu. It's the classiest way to say "I'll have one of everything" –  you can have your pizza and eat it, alongside meatballs, risottos, salads…

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Where:Brighton, Bristol, Covent Garden

The Private Thai

Tired of everyone spoiling the sanctity of your own plate of food? The small plate revolution isn't for everyone, so bridge the gap with Busaba Eathai. Order in heaps of their iconic Thai Calamari to please your grabby guests, then keep it personal with their gourmet takes on Thai classics – think crabmeat and green mango pad thai.

Where: Manchester Printworks,  Chelsea, Marylebone, Bloomsbury, Leicester Square, Hoxton, Kingston, Shoreditch, Soho, Stratford City, The o2, Covent Garden

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