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Do Palentine’s this Valentine’s

Love comes and goes, but friends are forever

You don't need to be conventionally loved up to enjoy this Valentine's day. Misery loves company, so we've got some Deliveroo based tips for how to get together with your bestie, or squad up with the single crew, and avoid the year's most in-your-face holiday.

Binge watch your way through it

The obvious choice, but you're going to need to stock up with something meaty to fuel that night-long Netflix binge. For this job, All Bar One (Nationwide) is just the ticket. Order their Ultimate Burger and they'll give you one of their decadent chocolate brownies absolutely free.

Date yourself

A little outside the box, but when was the last time you maybe treated yourself to a bit of TLC? For pizza loving Liverpudlians, there's one answer. Hit up Crust and order a spicy nduja pizza for mains, and a nutella pizza for dessert. The best part is, if you don't want to, you don't have to share.

It's just like any other night…

Denial sometimes gets a bad rap, but if you can pretend for 24 hours then you're in the clear. To achieve success, you and your bestie must adhere to a strict diet of no news, no social media and limited conversation with outsiders. And since you'll be living like a monk, you can eat like one too. Get a bowl of YO! tofu katsu curry, and enjoy a meat-free, meditative meal. Available Nationwide.

Sushi's the one

People of Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow take note. Sapporo Tepanyaki have put together a perfect sushi platter for a low key evening in. A combination of fresh nigiri, maki, California rolls and sashimi will carry you through to a delicious dessert of chocolate spring rolls, served with vanilla ice cream.

Tacos for two

When it comes to sharing, it's really hard to top Mexican food. Get your hands dirty with this tasty taco bundle for two from London's famous Taqueria. Choose your filling, crack open a Pacifico – also included – and save some room for some chocolatey churros for dessert.

Dance to the beat of your own drumstick

For people who don't do things by halves. Swindon's Rooster's Grill Shack's mega platter features two whole chickens, perfect for a night spent in with the singles squad. And if you have a collective sweet tooth, you can finish your meal off with an indulgent Chocolate fudge cake - free with any meal on Valentine's day.

Size does matter

Sometimes, all you really need in your life is a big ass burrito. Someone to share it with is optional. Cambridge's Nanna Mexico are offering a free sweet bite (dessert to you and me) with any burrito ordered on Valentine's Day.

No need to be sourdough

With all of the very public displays of affection out there, it's easy to get bitter. So, to keep you and your best bud sweet, London's BOnA are offering a classic sourdough margarita pizza with a free tiramisu for afters. Try and maintain a bad mood through that meal.

How about some friendly competition?

If you're a competitive sort, then why not bring that spirit into your dinner? Enter Nottingham's own Crunch Munch and their Triple Challenge Burger. That's three chicken breast fillets, plus all the trimmings! You can double team it or go it alone, and the reward at the end is a free Nutella bagel.

Chow down on churros

A match made in heaven, worthy of feeding any two super-best friends. Local Harrow heroes Tex Ann have a wide range of brilliant burgers, and whichever one you order – they'll throw in a free portion of salted caramel churros with vanilla ice cream.

If any of these tickle your fancy, head on over to Deliveroo – where there are many more amazing meals waiting for you.

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