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The Foodie Festival Recovery Guide

Our post festival foodie survival guide

With festival season well and truly underway, it's important that you get your recovery right. Festival flu can lay you out for a week – and you don't want that messing with the rest of your summer. Here are our fantastic foodie tips to keep you firing on all cylinders.

Get off to a smooth start

Get a juice down you, and for God's sake make sure there's some ginger in it. Two birds, one stone here – you'll get hydrated and you're giving your body a dose of the natural anti-inflammatory that is ginger. This is exactly what your hungover, aching soul needs right now.

Pour your (natural) sugars on me...

There's a good chance that your festival diet was pretty junk-heavy, with lots of refined sugars making an appearance. Taking all of that in only increases your body's cravings for more sugar, so if you want to beat them the natural way then coconut chunks, chocolate, and fresh fruits will dig you out of a hole.

Water is berry important.

You should drink plenty, but you can eat your water as well! We really stuck this in here because there are few greater joys than fresh berries on a three day hangover, but you can get some hydration and some of those natural sugars from these too!

Eat like a pro… biotic

After all that indulgence, it's likely your gut bacteria levels are a little out of whack, and they are crucial to your body's health – there's even some evidence that suggests it affects your day-to-day mood. The best way to regulate it is to eat a moderate amount of fermented foods, like sauerkraut or kimchi – or drink down some miso soup or kombucha.

If you must caffeinate, keep it green.

Jumping straight back into real life? Post-festival, green tea is a much better source of caffeine than coffee. It's full of antioxidants and it doesn't come with the potential jitters and nervousness that coffee can bring to the table. Plus, a cup of this makes you feel so zen you could dodge bullets.

Want to feel full of beans?

Beans, citrus fruits and dark green vegetables like spinach contain folate, a B vitamin that is thought to affect the neurotransmitters which impact your moods. Post-festival blues is a thing, and you should arm yourself against is as best you can – some Mexican black beans or some greens for a meat-free Monday, and you'll be on the right track.

Boost that mood!

Some foods are natural mood-boosters, so it couldn't hurt to get hold of some of these. In moderation, dark chocolate has been proven to reduce stress hormones like cortisol in the brain. Fish is swimming in (sorry) omega 3 acids, which help bolster your dopamine and serotonin levels. Sushi is your friend right now. Make sure you eat a healthy portion of carbs too, as research has shown that they help provide your brain with the building blocks it needs to produce those happy hormones. Seafood pasta anyone?

Resist the nightcap...

After a weekend of partying, it's pretty tempting to have one more drink before bed. It might feel nice, but it adversely affects the quality of sleep you're going to experience. To maximise your recovery, try not to eat too close to bedtime, and swap the beer for a couple of glasses of water to make sure you stay hydrated through the night.

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