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The Best Cheese Dishes on Deliveroo

The best cheese dishes on Deliveroo

When it comes to food trends, cheese is a perennial favourite – from rainbow toasties to raclette, our Instagram and Facebook feeds were full of the stuff last year. Now 2017 is in full swing, our love of all things cheesy hasn't melted.

To celebrate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day and Cheese Fondue Day, we're raising a glass to the best cheese dishes on Deliveroo.

Croque Shop, Brighton

No need to cross the Channel for a classic croque monsieur or madame, just check out Brighton's Croque Shop. In a menu bursting with cheese-filled pastries and American grilled cheese sandwiches, you'll find their twist on the traditional French toastie. Why not go XXL and order a baguette oozing with béchamel, vintage cheddar, farmhouse ham and a fried egg for a croque madame. C'est magnifique!

Darceys Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Newcastle

Baby got mac! Darceys does grilled cheese in a big way, with a macaroni cheese number that puts the 'goo' in gouda, and a smashed meatball sandwich covered in a blend of three cheeses. Order them here.

Moose and Moonshine, Liverpool

As national dishes go, Canada's takes some beating. Poutine is a far cry from a northern takeaway after a night out, this is a delicious mix of French fries, topped with rich gravy and cheese curd. For those who can't make the hop across the Atlantic to try it, Moose and Moonshine uses authentic curd to bring a bona fide taste of Canadian comfort food to Liverpool.

Solita, Manchester

Home of the Big Manc, Solita's serves up gut-busting burgers with a kaleidoscope of cheese, including all-American classics like Monterey Jack and native favourites Lancashire cheese and cheddar. If it's on the menu, chances are it's cheesy! You'll even find cheeseburger spring rolls. Check them out, here.

Melt, Aberdeen

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Chocolate and cheese in a toastie might sound like an unconventional choice, but this mascarpone, Nutella and sea salt combination, sandwiched between brioche, might just be the toastie to top the decadence scale. Ranked as one of the best grilled cheeses by The Telegraph, Melt's Choc Fondue is your go-to treat when you're torn between pudding and a sandwich – so that's every lunch time then.

Veeno, Manchester

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Be the host with the most and order in the Formaggi cheese platter from Veeno. Your guests can graze leisurely on light, creamy cheeses with a rich bottle of red. This is spuntini at its best, so crack open a bottle and let the compliments for your hosting skills roll in.

BRGR, Glasgow

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With a name like The Big Cheese, you know this burger's going to be full of the good stuff. BRGR's beef patty is topped with their signature sauce, cider onions, gem lettuce, pickle and, the star of the show, cheese. Go on, embrace the ooze here.

Mumtaz, Manchester

Mild, milky paneer is the versatile Indian cheese that holds its own against the heat of a curry. Marinated in a complex blend of spices, this cheese is the focal point of Mumtaz's mind-blowing Kashmiri paneer tikka. For paneer perfection, order now.

Caffeine & Cocktails, Reading

Winner of Edible Reading's Sandwich of the Year award 2016, The Cheesy One uses Black Bomber cheddar, Comté emmental, mustard mayo and onion chutney, all stacked in sourdough. If you're tempted by this prize-winning 'wich, order now.

Feed, Edinburgh

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It's worth ordering a side of these cheesy fries for the name alone; a portion of Vladimir Poutine consists of chips, buffalo sauce, chillies and a hearty drizzle of Feed's dirty cheese. Order in here.

Baffo, Glasgow

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Family-run Baffo uses a trinity of delicious cheeses to coat their Gnocchi Formaggi. These soft, doughy dumplings are smothered in creamy mascarpone, pecorino and fior di latte to serve up a dish of warm, gooey loveliness. For a comforting hug in a bowl, order from Baffo here.

The Naughty Egg, Canterbury

Cheesy chip aficionados will not be disappointed by The Naughty Egg's array of loaded fries and sweet potato chips. Piled high with halloumi, cheddar, sriracha and chilli, once you've tried their Angry Fries you'll struggle to eat a chip without cheese ever again.

Los Amigos, Brighton

If you like your cheese with a bit of a kick, try Los Amigos' deep fried jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese. Or for carnivorous cheese fans, dive into the pulled pork nachos, topped with guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos and, yep you've guessed it, cheese.

HUBBOX, Exeter and Plymouth

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Put the calorie counting on hold for a minute and dig in to HUBBOX's loaded fries with chilli or pulled pork – both of which are equally covered in a tangle of molten cheese. To order in, check them out here.

OOWEE Diner, Bristol

Love it or hate it, Marmite fries from OOWEE Diner are enough to tempt any cheese fiend. Its already one of the top independent burger joints in Bristol and its selection of Dirty Fries –  including a vegan-friendly option and jalapeno topped cheese fries – has built up a cult following in the city.

The Fine Cheese Co., Bath

A rundown of the UK's best cheese dishes wouldn't be complete without The Fine Cheese Co.. Located in the West Country – arguably the home of Britain's biggest cheese, cheddar – The Fine Cheese Co. not only sells and exports artisan cheeses, it's also a maturer. For the most passionate dairy devotee, there are six bespoke cheese plates exclusive to Deliveroo, and even birthday cakes made entirely out of cheese.

It's not easy being cheesy, but these restaurants have pulled it off perfectly. For a cheese-based banquet, order now on Deliveroo.

This list is just the brie-ginning, take a look at more cheesy treats from:


On Toast, Gloucester for gourmet toasties

Phat Fries, Guildford for Chilly Billy Beef fries

Wino, Leeds for deli meats and parmesan almonds

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