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The world’s most amazing dishes on deliveroo

The world’s most amazing dishes on deliveroo

It was a tough job, but we've come up with a list of our ultimate must-try favourites that are available on  Deliveroo around the world. Prepare to have your mind (and taste buds) blown…

Milky Way Cake (Dubai)

Dubai's most Instagrammable sweet treat is pretty stellar. SugarMoo's Milky Way Cake is made with rich, buttery sponge, with big shards of marbled chocolate that jut out of its centre. Beam me one up Scotty…

YorkyPud™ Wrap (York, UK)

Us Brits love a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings, but who's daring enough to reinvent it? Step forward the York Roast Co with their YorkyPud™ Wrap –delicious roast lamb, seasonal winter vegetables, crispy roasties and a drizzle of tasty gravy, bundled up in a giant, fluffy Yorkshire pudding.

Fairy Floss Dessert Burger (Melbourne, Australia)

What do you get if you drizzle coconut milk over a huge dome of pink or baby blue candy floss? Ta-dah – the floss melts away to reveal a Sicilian brioche burger, topped with creamy caramel mousse and honeycomb ice cream. The Fairy Floss Dessert Burger from Melbourne's Long Story Short Cafe is the dessert of our dreams. 

Liu Sha Bao (Singapore)

Singapore's food lovers currently can't get enough of these little steamed buns filled with warm, flowing custard – made with butter, condensed milk and salted duck-egg yolk. And it doesn't look like the craze is slowing anytime soon, especially when you've got these adorable piggy-shaped ones created by the Canton Paradise.

Beef Brisket Bao (Brussels, Belgium)

Hands up who likes American-style beef burgers and bao buns? Now you don't have to choose between the two. Baogo brings the flavours together for their Beef Brisket Bao – beef brisket that's slow-cooked in lemongrass and ginger, topped with kimchee slaw, pickled radish, coriander and chilli, then sandwiched between fluffy, steamed bao buns. It's the perfect food fusion.

Cereals (Madrid, Spain)

Anyone for brinner? Whatever time of day you enjoy tucking into breakfast cereal, Madrid's Cereal Hunters Café has got it covered with a mind-boggling choice from all over the world – Froot Loops and Choco Pops, yes please.  

Loaded VJFB Fries (Amsterdam, Holland)

It'll come as no surprise that the vegan 'fast-food' trend has exploded. Leading the animal-free revolution is Amsterdam's Vegan Junk Bar with their plant-based take on classics like burgers, onion rings and nuggets. We can't get enough of their Loaded Fries (called Kapsalon in Holland), which come heartily swamped in vegan shwarma, grated cheese and jalapeños with two yummy sauces – garlic and spicy VJSB.

Acai Smoothie Bowl (Dublin, Ireland)

Hugely popular with the Instagram crowd, this beautiful breakfast bowl by Eathos is packed with tasty nuggets for extra get-up-and-go. It's an antioxidant-rich acacia berry smoothie topped with toasted quinoa granola, passion fruit, coconut chunks, cacao nibs, bee pollen and oh-so pretty edible flowers. 

Pastrami Croque Monsieur (Paris, France)

If you fall head over heels for the heady aroma of truffles, then follow your nose to a Pastrami Croque Monsieur rustled up by Maison de la Truffe. Chefs layer their croques with generous shavings to give the Parisian brunch classic a luxurious twist. They use the black variety of the delicacy, which are unearthed by expert truffle hunters, from secret woodland locations, throughout December to March.

Baked Pineapple Puffs (Hong Kong)

How cute are these baked pineapple puffs, sculpted into chirpy little birds? Yum Cha's Head Chef, Chef Winson Yip, is known for his playful Asian dishes, including this modern reinvention of Taiwanese pineapple cakes.

Pizzaburger (Milan, Italy)

Lucky Milan locals don't have to decide between pizza or a burger, thanks to Verace's mega-tasty combo. A classic pattie is wrapped in a pillowy pizza dough to satisfy the hungriest of appetites.  

Ultimate Dessert Waffle (Berlin, Germany)

Drowned in chocolate sauce, waffles make pretty amazing desserts, right? So how can you possibly make them even better? Well, Berlin's Waffle Brothers have figured it out with a giant waffle – of course! You load on the goodies one step at a time starting with toppings, including Nutella and white chocolate sauce, then chunks of fresh fruit followed by sprinkles like Smarties and cinnamon sugar – until you're left with the ultimate dessert. Easy when you know how…

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