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  2. Delicious Thai starters for the dedicated vegans of Guildford
Delicious Thai Starters for the Dedicated Vegans of Guildford

Delicious Thai starters for the dedicated vegans of Guildford

There is no better way to get your tummy ready for a great meal other than with a few starters - especially ones packed with fresh veggie goodness, a Thai food trademark. Following a vegan diet doesn't mean your options have to turn up short! Between vegetables, quorn and tofu, the plethora of Thai dishes available ensures that you'll have a wide variety of dishes from which to choose.

Everything from a cool plate of summer rolls to delicious, steamy corn fritters top our list of the wildest and most appetising vegan Thai starters in Guildford!

1. Papaya Salad and Corn Fritters, Giggling Squid

With a delicious and well-crafted menu, Giggling Squid offers some of the most uniquely-cooked Thai food in town! Mouth-watering green papaya salad with a simple touch of spicy dressing adds a definite zing to your salad you've got to try. Another fantastic starter to perfectly accompany all that shredded papaya deliciousness are the hot corn fritters. Scrumptiously fried fritters loaded with sweet corn and a zesty curry paste tops off a perfect starter pairing!

2. Tom Yum Soup and Summer Rolls, Thai Express

Winter is upon us and nothing sounds better than wrapping our hands around a hot bowl of soup, especially of the Tom Yum nature. They're usually served with a chicken or meat broth, but Thai Express offers an equally delicious vegan-safe tofu stock. This rice noodle soup jam-packed with nutritious vegetables will keep your stomach warm, and better for it! The perfect side to your soup are summer rolls, or uncooked fresh spring rolls. Traditionally rolled in up in thin rice paper and stuffed with crunchy vegetables like lettuce, coriander and carrots make this the perfect vegan treat!

3. Tofu rolls and Mushroom Salad, Thaikhun

A deliciously healthy and nutritious alternative to other, heavier starters are tofu rolls hand-wrapped with mint, carrots and coriander make for an appetising snack! Thaikhun makes a fantastic version that goes wonderfully with their savoury mushroom salad. Prepared with crispy, fresh vegetables and cooked with lemon rice as well as a sensational mint and lime leaf combination, this pairing provides a filling, healthy and clean lunch or dinner!

4. Pak Tod and Larb Tao Hu, Rumwog

Rumwog serves up Pak Tod, a traditional Thai starter of vegetable tempura. This mouth-watering treat is often served with chilli sauce, and sometimes eaten as a veggie-loaded side to a main course. Order a batch of Pak Tod with some Larb Tao Hu, a drool-worthy spicy stir-fried salad topped with a deliciously citrusy dressing. For a great meal to leave you food-stuck, these starters are a fantastic way to keep your stomach happy!

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