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  2. Four great ways to try chipotle that'll make you say YAY!
Four great ways to try chipotle that'll make you say YAY!

Four great ways to try chipotle that'll make you say YAY!

Mexican food is full of so many exciting flavours, but one of the best is clearly chipotle. The word comes from an Aztec language and has been adopted into Spanish - and now English - to mean a smoke-dried jalapeno. If you're wondering how to say it, it's "chip-oat-lay". But enough with the facts, you're clearly here for the taste! It certainly comes with a kick, but we're absolutely obsessed. There's a bit of a trend for spicy food right now, from chicken right through to sauce. Chipotle is one of those amazing things that goes with loads of different things, which is why we've lined up a few of our chipotle faves that you can order on Deliveroo.

1. In an amazing sandwich

Benito's Hat doesn't keep the Pulled Pork Mexican Sandwich under its hat at all, which is no surprise. With flavour combinations like this, they probably want to shout about it from the rooftops. Pulled pork is a key component in a lot of different Mexican dishes, and in this case it's slow cooked and marinated to make the most of the meat. In the sandwich, lime, red onions and chipotle mayo with crunchy slaw are then added in, making it truly delicious. We love sandwiches that are packed so tight that they keep us full up, which is why this is a perfect choice for both lunch and dinner.

2. In salads that are far from boring

Who said salads are just a bunch of boring leaves? Leave these old-fashioned views at the door and order the Barbacoa Salad at Chipotle and you'll soon change your mind! These guys love chipotle so much they even named themselves after it - so you could say they know their stuff. Barbacoa beef is shredded and seasoned to perfection and added to chopped romaine lettuce, beans, sour cream and guac. It's then topped with cheese and the extra-special chipotle-honey vinaigrette. Super Mexican, and super nice!

3. When it's time to get saucy

There are some amazing hot sauces out there in Mexican cuisine, but one of our faves has to be the Cholula Hot Sauce - Chipotle style from Tortilla. The company has plenty of branches across the UK and plenty of amazing dishes to put the sauce on. You've got tacos, burritos, chips and salad, in an array of different kinds. Spicing it up is easy when you know how (or when you've got a bottle of this). Just remember... it's called hot sauce for a reason!

4. In a burrito, of course!

Mexican food just wouldn't be Mexican food without inviting burritos to the party (or should that be "fiesta"?). Poncho 8 has a few different kinds, but you can't go wrong in sticking to the classics. "The Classic" Chicken & Chorizo Burrito contains chicken and chorizo (of course) in addition to tomato rice, black beans and cheese. The best bit is the salsa chipotle roja, which brings the entire thing together, burrito style!

Whether you're craving chipotle or Mexican food in general, we've got it all right here on Deliveroo.

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