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Plan a Date Night with Deliveroo

The ultimate date night in with Deliveroo

Back to the routine of school runs or running Mum & Dad's taxi service again? When you and your other half need to unwind with a night to yourselves, but struggle to find a babysitter, we can bring date night to you. Here's how to plan the ultimate night in with restaurants from across the UK on Deliveroo.

Sankeys – Royal Tunbridge Wells

Go big and go home for date night. If your better half has had a rough week, and you really want to spoil them, then there's nothing quite like lobster to really impress them at dinner. So get the kids tucked up in bed, and tuck yourselves into half a Cornish Lobster & Chips each from Sankeys

Curry Leaf Cafe – Brighton

Getting all dressed up to go out is great, but sometimes the perfect date night is sitting in your PJs and sharing a curry. If your living room's normally a sea of school books and toys, take back your coffee table and spread out a platter from Curry Leaf Cafe and some curries to share. Street food inspired sharers and chutneys, with some Paneer Kofta Zafrani and Mutton Masala to scoop with a soft naan; who needs to go out anyway?

Mamma Mia – Oxford

Mamma Mia's classic pizzas and pasta dishes make this Oxford institution a date night favourite in the city. This is easy-going dining when you just want to chill with a couple of pizzas and a glass of wine, but there's no need to miss out on your favourite Italian if you can't get a babysitter – we'll bring the restaurant to you.

Santorini – Chichester

Does your summer holiday feel like a lifetime ago already? Throwback to when you were sitting in the sunset on the shores of the Mediterranean and let us bring Santorini to your door. A mixed cold platter for two – hummus, tzatziki, pitta, the works – with some chicken souvlaki and grilled seabass will give you those vacay vibes all over again.

Kenji Sushi – Edinburgh

If your week's been nothing but filling sandwiches and preparing packed lunches so far, it's time to style it out for dinner. And you can't get much more stylish than sushi from Kenji Sushi. Why not go for a colourful Green Dragon Roll, crispy Spider Roll with soft shell crab, and a Crazy Salmon Roll for a date night plate that looks just as great as it tastes.

Koh Thai Tapas – sites across the South West and South East

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Do you both have the same old debate when you order in – one of you tells the other to pick whatever they want, but really it's not quite what you wanted? You're both lovers not fighters, so get the best of both with Thai tapas. Koh Thai Tapas does loads of Thai and Asian inspired dishes but little plate style, so you can mix and match everything from a Penang Curry to crispy squid.

Yakinori – Bristol

You know when you've ordered right when the table just goes quiet. Well, the two of you can enjoy a really comfortable silence over a Hearty Ramen from Yakinori. Loaded with vibrant veggies, a soy egg with a sunny yolk, and a tangle of noodles, all swimming about in a rich broth. This is just what you need when you're both craving a bit of peace and quiet.

Gilbies Bar & Bistro – Hereford

When you're back in the post-holiday routine, sometimes date night is the first proper catch up you get. As nice as it is heading out to your favourite wine bar for a chat over some nibbles and a glass of red, if your babysitter is a no-show, we'll bring the wine bar to you. Why not order from Gilbies Bar & Bistro? You could get a Make Your Own Platter to share and chill out on the patio with a glass of fruity Tempranillo.

Nanyang Malaysian – Edinburgh

Are you both counting down the days until your next holiday? Have your own little adventure in your living room for now with Malaysian street food dishes from Nanyang. You could go for a fragrant Nasi Lemak – coconut rice, fresh cucumber, crunchy peanuts and spicy sambal – share a couple of curries and some Char Kway Teow fried noodles to mix up your textures and take your taste buds on a little trip.

Il Piccolinos – Royal Leamington Spa & Warwick

After a week of rushing the kids to football practice, or swimming club, or dance lessons, you need a time out. So take it easy the Italian way. Settle in for some comforting fresh pasta from Il Piccolinos – like a silky Linguini con Salmone, or a creamy Tagliatelle Misto Carbonara – and give the stove a night off as well.

The Royal Bengal – Coventry

We know what it's like, trying to cater for everyone can be a challenge, and really hot food sometimes isn't everyone's bag at the dinner table. But when the kids are asleep, you can afford to turn up the heat in your food. So when date night rolls around, get that fiery jalfrezi you've been craving all week. Maybe something like a Saag Paneer Jalfrezi, or a hot chicken one, from The Royal Bengal to give your evening a bit of a kick.

Sapporo Teppanyaki – Liverpool

If it's your turn to cook for a date night in, but your signature dish is normally the same old stir fry using whatever's in the fridge, why not change it up a bit? Some tender Beef Teppanyaki from Sapporo Teppanyaki will do the trick. You could either go for juicy sirloin – or buttery-soft beef fillet if you're feeling like a baller – cooked fast over a hot plate, with stir-fried vegetables.

MuMu – Northampton

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Getting messy burgers with the kids is great fun, but be honest, sometimes it's kind of nice when it's just the two of you – there's no little hands around to go stealing your fries after all. So when date night is burger night, get a Fizzy Feast for 2 from MuMu. Pick any two burgers, two lots of fries, mac & cheese bites, mozzarella & jalapeno dippers, onion rings, MuMu slaw, sauces and (here's the fun part) a bottle of prosecco to share! Can it be date night every night?

The Thai House – Cardiff

If you managed to get away to Thailand with the kids over summer, and are missing all the amazing local cuisine already, get The Thai House delivered. This is the oldest Thai restaurant in Wales, and it's been serving up authentic dishes since 1985. So you can expect the hot green Gang Klo Warn Gai and the traditional Pad Thai to take you both back to Bangkok on your night in.

Give the babysitter a break, get more date night inspiration from Deliveroo.

If you're in London and are planning a night in, here's some more date night ideas to set the mood.

Always remember to drink responsibly, please visit drinkaware.co.uk for more information.

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