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10 National Curry Week Hotspots

10 National Curry Week hotspots 

Fire up your appetite, because these restaurants are elevating the nation's favourite dish to a whole new level. Whether your favourite curry is of the Indian, Thai or Japanese variety, these are the places to head to this National Curry Week.

1. Hoppers, London

If you live in a cave, or your phone recently exploded, you may not have heard of the Sri Lankan joint taking London by storm. Hoppers serves up sumptuous Sri Lankan and Tamil Nadu-inspired dishes that have to be tasted to be believed, if the queues aren't testament enough.

Best for: Anyone who likes food. Seriously.

Try this: Any of the Karis (Tamil term for curry), from red pumpkin to lamb.

2. Asha's, Birmingham & Manchester

Named after and backed by the 'Brimful of Asha' Bollywood legend, pictures of Asha Bhosle adorn the walls of this plush Indian restaurant. But turns out Asha is the creative force in the kitchen too, and every dish at Asha's is personally vouched for by her.

Best for: Seafood lovers – the Emperor's Platter, complete with Whole Tandoori Lobster in its shell and Chilli Garlic King Prawns, is a real treat.

Try this: The Tan Murg Korma – the mildest curry around just got exciting.

3. Thali Cafe, Bristol

Starting life as a food truck fifteen years ago, Glastonbury goers were the first to try The Thali Cafe. It created such a buzz, it now serves up its Indian-style street food from four outlets across Bristol, and collaborates with cool celeb chefs like Meera Sodha. But the emphasis remains the same as back in their summer festival days – vibrant regional thalis and fresh flavours.

Best for: A guilt-free Indian – you can request your thali without any dairy or ghee.

Try: Meera Sodha's Special Free-Range Buttermilk Chicken Tikka while you can!

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4. Zaika, London

Sister restaurant to Michelin-starred Tamarind, Zaika is a far cry from your typical curry house. Inspired by the kitchens of Indian palaces (we kid you not), there's a balance between expertly-crafted classics and modern wonders.

Best for: Those occasions when you really do want to eat like a king.

Try this: The beautifully presented Gosht Dum Biryani, a traditional goat dish served with raita.

5. V Deep, Edinburgh

Haggis pakora, anyone? You only need to scan the menu to realise that V Deep is not your average Indian restaurant. Instead, the British curry-and-beer obsession is at the heart of this Punjabi-Scottish curry bar, with an impressive selection of craft beers and booze-infused curries.

Best for: Curry and beer – duh!

Try this: We love the self-mocking Hipster Vindaloo, with slow-braised pork shoulder, masala vinegar and Roisin Taybeer beer.

6. Pushkar, Birmingham

In a city where you're never more than a stone's throw away from a trusted curry house, Pushkar is one of Birmingham's more elegant Indian eateries. Doubling up as a cocktail bar, the place is lavishly decorated, and the menus are bound in crocodile-effect leather. But it's definitely not style over substance – their accomplished cooking will blow you away.

Best for: Veggies – the meat-free dishes are just as good, if not better, than the meaty fare.

Try this: The Paneer Shashlik – marinated Indian cottage cheese with peppers and onions, chargrilled in a tandoor.

7. The Chilli Pickle, Brighton

This Indian street-food spot from husband-and-wife team Alun and Dawn is on every Brightoner's bucket list. Heading a team of chefs from different regions in India, they pack expertise, flavour and tradition into every dish.

Best for: Anyone who wants to have their cake and eat it too – with The Chilli Pickle's thalis, you get to try lots of delicious dishes in one sitting. And you don't even have to share.

Try this: The Grand Thali Box, for a mix of outstanding Indian street dishes that'll leave you to-thali satisfied (#sorrynotsorry).

8. Purple Poppadom, Cardiff

Purple Poppadom boasts imaginative, innovative Indian dishes. From tiffins full of tasty treats to curries and biryanis, Anand George and his team of chefs have the perfect dish to surprise and delight you.

Best for: Tiffins, which give you tapas-sized portions covering the whole range of flavours, textures and colours of Indian cuisine.

Try this: The Chocolate Samosa with Creme Brûlée. Yes, it's not a curry, but when it's this good, who cares?

9. Bhoomi, Cheltenham

Serving up succulent South Indian cuisine, Bhoomi brings you delicately crafted dishes like Chilli Paneer, Kerala Lamb and Butter Chicken.

Best for: Proof that sometimes, you can't beat the classics.

Try this: Allepey Beef – fillet steak with tomato and chilli sauce. Tastes even more delicious than it sounds.

10. Tamatanga, Nottingham

With an ethos of cooking fabulous, flavoursome Indian favourites, Tamatanga has a more relaxed vibe with fresh and vibrant thalis.

Best for: A lazy Sunday afternoon, when you all want to do is feast.

Try this: The Kathi roll, a tender skewer of roasted lamb or chicken, wrapped in paratha bread and served with Tamatanga's famous chips.

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