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Curries World Tour: Alternatives To Indian Curry

Curries’ world tour: six smashing alternatives to Indian curry

It's no secret that we Brits love a curry. The first Indian restaurant was set up in London way back in 1810, and we've been obsessed with Indian food ever since. So, naturally when you think 'curry', your mind more than likely goes to a tikka or vindaloo. But there's so much more to it than that, from the mild and fragrant Vietnamese cari ca to the tongue-tingling Indonesian rendang.

We've rounded up some old classic curries and some you may not have heard of. They come from around the world, but you can find them all at UK restaurants up and down the country.  

1. Massaman Curry, Thai Edge

For a fragrant, delicate balance of different flavours, you can't beat a Thai curry. Thai Edge in Leeds serve up a great take on massaman curry, mixing aromatic herbs with coconut milk, peanuts, and a hint of chilli. The chicken massaman is a classic, but you can also order with beef, lamb or tiger prawns – or skip the meat and go veggie. The result is complex, mild and mellow.

Where: Thai Edge, Leeds

2. Malaysian Laksa noodle soup, Fuzion 

Malaysia is a melting pot of food cultures, combining Thai, Chinese and Indian flavours for a cuisine which is all its own. You can find curries from around the world at Fuzion, but their laksa noodle soup is sunshine in a bowl. Chicken and tiger prawns top a tangle of noodles in coconutty soup, flavoured with turmeric, ginger and shrimp paste. Get it with wheat-based ramen or ho fun rice noodles for a year-round taste of summer.

Where: Fuzion, Manchester

3. Curried Goat, Ma Petite Jamaica 

Traditionally using goat on the bone, this curry is a mix of Jamaican tastes and Indian cooking methods. The recipe mixes super-hot scotch bonnet peppers, garlic, cumin, amchar masala (a Trinidad spice mix), thyme and shado beni leaves – also known as Mexican coriander – which results in a sinus-clearing blast of heat. Get it with rice and peas, along with a couple of slices of fried plantain, from Camden's Ma Petite Jamaica diner. This is soul food for springtime.

Where: Ma Petite Jamaica, London

4. Cari Ca with Jasmine Rice, OREN Pho.Bar.Grill

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Cari Ca is the Vietnamese take on cod curry. The light coconut curry is flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime and madras spices, creating a dish that's delicate and creamy. Vietnamese restaurant OREN make sure  that the fish is cooked slowly, soaking up the flavours of the sauce. Just give it a nudge – the fish falls to flakes at the gentlest touch of your chopsticks.

Where: OREN Pho.Bar.Grill, Northampton

5. Beef Rendang, Jalan Malaysia

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Originally hailing from Indonesia, rendang curry has become popular around the world. Cardiff's Jalan Malaysia makes  this dish the old-fashioned way – by slow cooking spiced beef in a coconut milk-based sauce. There's plenty of classic lemongrass and kaffir lime here, but the spice is balanced with their secret ingredient: caramelised ground coconut. This makes for a sweet and hot curry, perfect with a side of fluffy rice.

Where: Jalan Malaysia, Cardiff

6. Yasai Vegetable Katsu served with White Rice and Japanese Curry sauce, Moshimo

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Curry is massively popular in Japan, where it's seen as a Western dish. Every region has their own take on it, but katsu curry reigns supreme – where the semi-sweet and fruity curry sauce is served with a breaded, deep-fried fillet. Moshimo offer traditional chicken katsu curry as a bento box to enjoy at home, but their Yasai Vegetable Katsu is the real star of the show. Crispy aubergine, courgette and sweet potatoes make a great alternative to chicken, particularly when paired with a special meat-free sauce.

 Where: Moshimo, Brighton

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