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Where to Find the Most Creative Burgers In Leeds

Creative & Quirky - Burger Best-Off in Leeds

We've all got a bit carried away with carry-out in recent years, something we probably have a lot to thank the Americans for. We know they love their burgers, so what better way for the American takeaways of Leeds to show their appreciation to our cousins across the pond than by creating burgers that will even give those in the good ole' US of A a run for their money?!

London has been doing this for a while now, with amazing signature burgers crushing the cravings of every serious foodie in the city - but we can't let them take all the credit! Up North, we've been pioneering a burger revolution of our own...

1. The Herbivore

When it comes to creative burgers, you really can't get more creative than breaking that age-old mould when it comes to meat. Boss Burgers think that a burger doesn't have to be meatylicious in order to be delicious, and we appreciate them for it. The Herbivore features everyone's fave - halloumi - as well as slow-roasted peppers, caramelised onions, rocket and their homemade Boss mayo. There's attention to detail here that deserves a round of applause!

2. The Mexican Burger

You like Mexican, but you also like burgers... luckily, there's now an option that combines the two, for when you really can't decide. The Pit offers The Mexican burger, which is (unsurprisingly) Mexican-themed. Fried crispy chicken, guac, the house salsa, chilli cheese sauce and garnish all make up this authentic best-of-both-worlds approach to burgers and Mexican. ¡Olé!

3. Bacon Mac & Cheese Burger

What's the most popular theme for, well, anything right now? Mac & Cheese, obv. Smoke Barbecue have a fundamental understanding of our need for the cheese, which is probably why the Bacon Mac & Cheese Burger is so popular. The beef mac and cheese is stacked with bacon and salad. They really can't go wrong - not when it's so, so right!


4. 'Everyone's Got A Gun In Texas' Burger

Ah, there you have it. A true, American-themed burger. The clue is even in the (rather impressive) name. Almost Famous have gotten really creative with this one, and it's a naughty one (in the best way). This one's loaded with cheese, bacon, JD Maple, BBQ pulled pork, Redneck BBQ, Frickles (fried pickles), Dynamite sauce and waffle fries... yes, inside the burger. We reckon this is a BBQ taste sensation second to none! Might want a light lunch if you're making a crack at this one for dinner!

You don't need to suffer through yet another boring burger when you have literally the world (in Leeds) at your fingertips. Just have a look on Deliveroo to satisfy those cravings...

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