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4 Creative Thai Food And Asian Fusion Dishes In Cambridge

4 Creative Asian Seafood Dishes To Try In Cambridge

Here in the South of England, we have plenty of cuisines and quirky dishes to choose from. Maybe you fancy a crazy pizza for tea, or you'd prefer to just gorge on traditional British meals. Whatever get you going, there's something around here for you. Of course, this includes some of the country's most creative Asian seafood dishes, particularly when it comes to Thai food and Asian fusion cuisine. Here, we've found four that are sure to truly whet your taste buds.

1. Seafood Curry (Taley Pad Pong Gia-Lee) - The House Authentic Thai

Welcoming, warm and wonderfully traditional, The House Authentic Thai is a small chain that has been in Cambridge for quite a few years now. Not only are all of their recipes brought over from Asia, but their chefs are all Thai as well, ensuring that you get an authentic experience. One of their specialties is Thai seafood and they have plenty to offer. One dish we highly recommend is the seafood curry (Taley Pad Pong Gia-Lee), a stir-fried mixture of seafood paired with the chef's special yellow curry sauce, topped with a healthy dose of coriander.

2. Crispy Sea Bass With Thai Herbs – Luk Thai

Clearly, Cambridge loves their Thai food as another great Asian seafood dish can be found at Luk Thai. The menu here is made up of some of Thailand's most famous yet nuanced dishes, including the crispy sea bass with Thai herbs, which is actually the restaurant's own recommended dish, fragranced with a delectable combination of kaffir lime leaves, mint lemongrass, red onion, holy spring onion, pepper and chilli, all with a handful of cashew nuts. Plus, if you fancy some rice to complement your meal, they even do coconut rice, which is absolutely delicious.

3. Mixed Emotions – Sticks'n'Sushi

Now, Sticks'n'Sushi is a particularly interesting place to order from. While the menu is predominately made up of Japanese dishes, the chain actually originated and found fame in Denmark. The owners are of both Danish and Japanese descent and as you may imagine this has led to some truly scrumptious seafood dishes. One such dish is named Mixed Emotions. It's made for one but could probably feed an entire household. There's salmon, tuna, hamachi, shrimp, pink Alaska, spicy tuna, gypsy rolls, pork with yuzu-miso, chicken meatballs, chicken with chilli and edamame beans all in this one meal. It's mad but truly tasty. No mixed reviews here!

4. Seafood Special – Hong Kong Fusion

How could we possibly write a piece featuring Asian seafood cuisine without including at least one Chinese dish – or more specifically, a Cantonese meal? Hong Kong Fusion specialise in regional dishes packed full of flavours from the East, so whether you want Cantonese BBQ or Szechuan Specials, they've got you covered. Of course, the obvious choice for anyone looking for a fish feast is the seafood special, served with king prawns, squid, crab sticks and fish balls. That said, if that isn't enough seafood for you, you'll be glad to know there are plenty of other ocean-centric offers on the menu including crab claws, fish in hot chilli oil, sweet and sour king prawn balls and fish and tofu soup.

Alright you seafood fanatics, there's plenty for you to choose from there, whether it's Thai food you're fancying or a bit of Chinese flavour you're craving. Just don't forget to order some rice while you're at it!

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