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Ultimate Comfort Food: 5 Dishes To Warm The Cold Nights

Ultimate comfort food: 5 dishes to warm the cold nights

You don't need a boyfriend/girlfriend to get you through the long, cold nights – you need a steaming bowl of cosy, comforting food! Ain't nobody going to make you feel as good as a creamy risotto or a gooey apple crumble…

We've rounded up some of the most comforting dishes about to make you feel warm inside, both emotionally and physically. Dive head first into a bowlful of these...

  1. Bone Daddies - Tonkotsu Ramen


When it's a bit brisk, there's nothing better than an evening of ramen. Especially when the ramen in question is Bone Daddies' 20-hour cooked pork bone broth, with spring onion, chashu pork, Clarence Court egg, bamboo and beansprouts.

2. Hook - Panko crusted cod and chips


Elevating fish and chips from pub grub to stylish seafood, the dudes at Hook take this classic comfort dish to the next level. Panko crusted cod, seaweed salted chips and homemade tartare... It just doesn't get any better! Get a helping of their lemon cajun sauce for extra chip-dunking enjoyment.

3. Snaps & Rye - Danish custard pudding


Snap & Rye's twist on the classic 'bread and butter' comfort pud? Layers of buttery, custard-soaked, apricot-filled Danish pastries, baked and topped with cream and a sprinkling of almonds. Spoons at the ready!

4. Cacciari's - Tortellini with Bolognese Sauce


As if spag bol needing any improving, Cacciari's Tortellini with Bolognese Sauce uses plump little pasta parcels for ultimate mmm factor.

5. Hurwundeki – Kimchi-Jigae


Stew has been used for centuries as the only solution to feeling a bit down in the dumps. Literally, one bite of stew, and wellbeing is restored. This one from Hurwundeki with kimchi, pork and tofu is particularly effective.

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