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Deliveroo’s Ultimate Guide to Comfort Food

Deliveroo’s ultimate guide to comfort food from around the world

What does comfort food mean to you – is it that steaming bowl of chicken soup that your granny used to make, or a mound of meatballs on creamy mash? Whether it's the weather, or a tough week at work that's getting to you, food can fix it. So here's our guide to the best comfort food from around the world on Deliveroo.

Tartiflette, La Ferme à Dédé – Grenoble, France


Tartiflette is the ultimate apres-ski dish. This traditional Savoie staple is a proper winter warmer, with potatoes, onions, lardons and bubbling reblochon cheese. But if you're not going to be sitting in an alpine chalet anytime soon, we'll move the mountain – just order in a Tartiflette from La Ferme à Dédé and we'll bring it to you.

Breakfast in Beirut, One Life Kitchen and Café – Dubai, UAE

Do you think it's going to be one of those mornings? If you need to get the comfort food in early, you have to try a Breakfast in Beirut from One Life Kitchen and Café. This Lebanese breakfast of champions is a winning combination of tomatoes, labneh, zaatar, Arabic bread, Kalamata olives, foul beans and grilled halloumi. If there's a more comforting way to start your day than with warm cheese and soft pita, we'd like to hear about it.

Stoemp and sausage, Les Brassins – Brussels, Belgium

You can't get much more cuddly on a cold day than a smooth bowl of mashed potato. So when there's a chill in the air, you need to try traditional stoemp and sausage from Les Brassins. This Flemish dish is just like your Granny used to make. It's a perfect pairing of juicy sausage on a pillow of pureed potato, vegetables and bacon.

Pie and mash, Lovett Pies – Bristol, UK

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Pie and mash should be its own food group in the UK. A meat pie, piled on a mound of mash, with minted mushy peas and a lake of gravy is a British comfort food staple come rain or shine. For a hearty pie and a half, you need to try Lovett Pies' Beef Bellringer Ale and Bath Blue Cheese number. Just pierce that pastry case with your fork then watch the filling and the good times flow.

Fried Rice Noodles With Beef, Wong Chi Kei – Hong Kong

For those lunchtimes after you've spent all morning tackling your to-do list, you need to take a proper break with a big, wholesome bowl of noodles. Think rich beef, just like Wong Chi Kei's, with fried rice noodles that you can really take your time over. So ignore your inbox for a bit and we'll bring something delicious straight to your office.

The British Pub Burger, Stockyard – Manchester, UK

When the weather takes a turn in Britain, a cosy pub day is often on the cards. But when it's so grim outside that you can't even face the walk to your local, get all the feels of the gastropub at home with The British Pub Burger from Stockyard. It's a meltingly soft 8oz burger, topped with gooey Monterey Jack and thick cut bacon that's a winner on a wintery day.

Burger Chimney Style, Good Food | Modern Czech Cuisine – Dubai, UAE

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Chimney cake, or trdelnik, is a Czech comfort food classic. Even the name alone sounds cosy, right? Traditionally a sweet pastry – made from rolled dough, that's wrapped around a rod, grilled and topped with sugar – it has been given a savoury twist by Good Food. A sweet filling has been swapped for a juicy Angus beef burger, onion rings, aubergine, emmental and brie, to make a proper hearty pastry and burger hybrid.

Beer battered fish goujon sandwich, Hepworth's Deli – Leeds, UK

Having a plate of food where everything on it was orange used to be a go-to dinnertime treat growing up in the UK. Frozen fish fingers were life, and you just had to have them with a side of potato smileys and a sea of baked beans. Because you can't beat a throwback dinner, try a beer battered fish goujon sandwich from Hepworth's Deli. Served with homemade tartar sauce and fresh lemon, this is a fish finger sandwich for grown ups.

Glory Balls, Balls & Glory – Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven, Belgium

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There's just something about digging into a dish with a hot, oozy centre that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So for a grin-inducing gooey meatball, you have to give Balls & Glory a go. These guys are on a roll with their hand-shaped Belgian meatballs, crafted with a hidden saucy surprise, then served on a bed of soft stoemp with lashings of sauce.

Merguez couscous, Yemma – Paris, France


Yemma means mother, so this is proper homely cooking that's meant to be shared. A big bowl of their lightly spiced merguez couscous, that you and your mates can all dive into, will give you all the flashbacks of family time and to Mum cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

B.O.B aka Bit of Both, Ira B's – Leeds, UK

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Whether it's a rainy day or you're feeling rundown, chicken soup is the best medicine. A comforting broth with lokshen (fine noodles) and kneidlach (Matzah Balls or dumplings) is a proper cuddle in a bowl. Couple that with a stacked salt beef sandwich on the side and you've got a B.O.B from Ira B's. If we can have one of these every time it pours down, then bring on the bad weather, we say.

Ribs, Braai – Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you're feeling a bit fragile, ribs are a great remedy. Sitting in your PJs and tearing into saucy smoked pork ribs from Braai will bring you back from the brink of being hangry. They're messy, sticky and a carnivore's Christmas come early when you just want to feel human again before facing the outside world.

Pho, Pho – London, Bristol, Leeds, Cambridge, Liverpool, Brighton and Birmingham, UK

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A rainy day is pho weather. This aromatic Vietnamese soup will steam up your glasses and soothe your soul. So the next time you're caught in a downpour, why not get Pho delivered while you dry off? These dishes are crafted with super soft meat, fish or tofu, fresh herbs and oodles of noodles swimming in a hearty meat or veg broth.

The Stew & Oyster, Stew and Oyster – Leeds, UK

Winter is coming, so a rich, beefy stew will warm you right up. But if you've braved it through the cold to get back home, can you honestly be bothered to slow cook a slab of meat? Didn't think so. So we'll bring Stew and Oyster's signature dish to you instead. This is tender beef, swimming in a deep gravy, with carrots, potatoes and a salty kick from some juicy oysters.

Gnocchi with sundried tomato and speck, Miss Castello – Nantes, France


Miss Castello's handmade gnocchi, with its creamy sauce, sundried tomatoes and speck, is proper comforting bowl food. You can just curl up on the couch, with your dish in your lap, and dig into the little pillowy dumplings. It's minimum effort to eat but maximum satisfaction on flavour.

For something hearty, wholesome or just a dish that reminds you of home, check out more delicious comfort food on Deliveroo. 

And if you've got a bit of a sweet tooth, here's our guide to the most comforting desserts from around the world.

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