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Ten Ways to Combat the Cold with Deliveroo

Combat the cold with these cosy dishes on Deliveroo

Powering through that post-Christmas health-kick but missing your favourite comfort food, or maybe you just need something toasty to take the edge off? Check out these warming dishes on Deliveroo that'll help you keep the cold out.

Pho Chin, Pho – nationwide

When you've finally got home after a freezing cold commute, a cosy bowl of Phò Chín from Pho will sort you out. Ribbons of tender beef brisket, silky noodles and fresh herbs swimming in a homemade broth is the perfect curl-up-on-the-sofa-dish to wind down after work.

Borscht, Harry Morgan – London

Borscht will definitely add a dash of colour to a drab, wintery day. This ruby red soup is a deli classic inspired by Eastern Europe that gets its claret shade from blended beetroot. As an extra bonus, borscht soups are usually full of extra veg like carrots and celery so it's a sneaky way to up that five-a-day intake. To try it NYC style, you need to give it a go from Harry Morgan.

Roasted Chicken Moussakhan, Comptoir Libanais – nationwide

The colours of this dish alone from Comptoir Libanais will make a January day feel like July. Their Roasted Chicken Moussakhan is a fragrant mix of pomegranate molasses-marinated half chicken, served on a bright and sunny Comptoir salad with vermicelli basmati rice and the warming spices of sumac onion confit.

Pla Goong, Thailand No.1 – Lincoln and Nottingham

Salads deserve a better rep, especially when they're as tasty as a Pla Goong from Thailand No.1. Forget rabbit food, this is a spicy, zesty king prawn salad mixed with lemongrass, Thai shallots and fresh mint tossed in a lemon and chilli dressing.

Rosa's Vegetables and Tofu Green Curry, Rosa's Thai Café – London

A Thai green curry is a classic, and if you're under the weather, you need that fragrant coconut broth more than ever. To get a proper pick-me-up that's packed full of tofu, aubergine and sweet basil, try chef Saiphin's Vegetables and Tofu Green Curry from Rosa's Thai Café. Plus, with all that citrusy lemongrass and galangal smashed into the paste, you'll feel like you're getting a Granny-approved remedy for the sniffles in every spoonful.

Root Veg and Cashew Curry, Hoppers – London

Is it tough sticking to those meat-free promises you made at midnight on New Year's Eve? This aromatic Root Veg and Cashew Curry from Sri Lankan restaurant Hoppers is a spicy veggie-packed dish that'll be your new go-to comfort food if you're leaving carnivore life behind.

Spicy Miso Seafood Udon, Tenshi – London

Miso is said to be crammed with protein, minerals and vitamins, so if anything's going to make healthier eating that little bit easier, this wonder paste is the one to try. To get even more goodies in your new dinner time staple, try the Spicy Miso Seafood Udon from Tenshi for an ultra-umami noodle dish to dig into on your night in.

Gang Jerd, Korat Thai Cafe and Restaurant – London

When you don't feel 100% and a duvet day's on the cards, what's the first thing you think of for dinner? If chicken soup's your favourite cuddle in a bowl, try it with a Thai twist and go for a Gang Jerd from Korat Thai Cafe and Restaurant. It's a mild but warming vegetable broth with juicy chicken that'll have you feeling human again in no time.

Sweet Potato Rendang, ZZ Green – London

Going meat-free for the first time and trying to eat healthier might take some adjusting, but when you've got something as cosy and comforting as a Sweet Potato Rendang from ZZ Green on your plate, you won't miss those meaty dishes one bit. It's a fiery but creamy Indonesian coconut curry with zingy lime leaves and tamarind that'll take your mind of that wintery weather in no time.

Lucknowi Lamb, Thali – Bristol and Oxford

Forget putting on that extra layer, this Lucknowi Lamb curry from Thali will keep you warm and toasty. The fall-apart lamb is cooked in a rich tomato sauce and seasoned with garam masala for a full-on flavour that's bound to settle those shivers.  

Crank up the heat with these delicious dishes on Deliveroo.

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