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  2. As the clock strikes lunch, check out these Thai spots in Edinburgh
As the Clock Strikes Lunch, Check Out These Thai Spots in Edinburgh

As the clock strikes lunch, check out these Thai spots in Edinburgh

It's lunch-o'clock again and it's time to get your Thai on! While we all love pizza, chips, and the local meatballs, There's no better way to fuel your day than with your all-time favourite Thai meal, be it noodle soup, Thai curries, or a traditional stir-fry. Stuck in the office or find yourself at the whim of an empty pantry? Bring the world of tasty Thai food to you and check out our list of Thai lunchtime hot spots for right here in Edinburgh! With a seemingly endless variety of styles and flavours, Thai food has acquired its popularity among lunch goers for a good reason!

1. Red Thai Duck Leg Curry - Bar Soba

Think outside the box and say goodbye to those bland lunches for good - and Bar Soba is just the place to do it! Bringing together the wonderful flavours of South East Asian street food, Bar Soba showcases the best of Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese favourites right here in Edinburgh. For a change of pace, try their Red Thai Duck Leg Curry: a smooth coconut curry cooked with succulent duck and Asian veggies served up with some fragrant basil jasmine rice. For an ultimate Thai experience, accompany the traditional aromas and flavours of this creamy curry with their Thai Crab and Prawn cakes served with a zesty lemongrass and ponzu chili dipping sauce. Here's one lunch you'll surely add to your weekly routine!

2. Pad Thai - True Thai Cuisine

When it comes to lunch, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind to enjoy a great meal that'll keep you going with a smile on your face all day long. Among the most important guidelines is keeping your meals light and fresh to avoid that mid-day crash, as well as choosing a dish packed with garden-fresh ingredients for an all-around energy boost. A dish that stays true to these golden rules is none other than Pad Thai, the perfect combination of crunchy veggies, hearty noodles, a splash of lemon and, of course, the final sprinkle of peanuts for an extra energy boost. At True Thai Cuisine, their Pad Thai is all that and more: served with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or prawn, this authentic lunch favourite is a must-try! Wash it all down with any of their selection of Thai Iced Milk Teas for an unforgettable lunch experience.

3. Som Tum Thai - Noodle 'N' Rice

Fancy yourself a salad for lunch instead? Whether you're looking for a vegetarian-friendly option or hoping to keep those calories at bay, there's no reason why you can't enjoy the tantalising flavours of Thai cuisine as well! Check out Noodle 'N' Rice's Som Tum Thai salad and embrace in the burst of flavours of this popular Thai dish. This green papaya salad comes with peanuts, crushed green beans, and chopped tomatoes drenched in a zesty dressing made with yam, lemon, coriander, and chilies. The next time you feel a rumble in your belly, do yourself a favour and try out this exotic twist on an all-time lunch classic.

4. Coley with Three Flavour Sauce - Auld Reekie Tiki Bar

Thai food is known for its unique range of flavours and ingredients often infused together to create a perfect balance of sweet and sour in every bite. Yet another ideal lunch candidate is the Coley with Three Flavour Sauce dish offered at Auld Reekie Tiki Bar. This sautéed white fish is topped with a perfect trio of onions, chilli, and tamarind sauce for a well-rounded seafood option with a hint of sweetness. Served up with fresh Asian vegetables and a side of Thai jasmine rice, you're guaranteed to lose yourself in a world of flavour with every bite.

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