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  2. Practical, dunkable or totally unheard-of, check out the endless ways you can enjoy your churros
Check out the endless ways you can enjoy your churros

Practical, dunkable or totally unheard-of, check out the endless ways you can enjoy your churros

In this day and age, the art of dessert-making has reached new heights of creativity and never-before-seen flavour combinations. Chocolate desserts, pastries, ice creams, you name it: our culinary adventures are endless. Among the most favoured dessert pastries in the world are none other than churros. For the uninitiated, they're a fried, sweet and doughy delight hailing from Spain and popular across Latin American cuisines.

But the world has definitely advanced past the original sugar and cinnamon version of churros and moved onto lavishly creative recipes, but we've also played around with shapes and sizes of all sorts geared at making this crispy treat even more fun. Which are the most practical? Most fun? Most messy? Take a look at some of the UK's best churro offerings and all the pros and cons of each delightful shape!

1. Long & fluffy

First and foremost, the classic churro has passed the test of time with divine simplicity and melt-in-your-mouth qualities and the original shape is the most pragmatic of them all. If you're late for work or rushing to catch the bus, this is the quickest, safest way to enjoy this Spanish treat. Plus, elegant and stick-shaped, they are supremely dunkable - ready to be enjoyed the way churros were meant to be, paired with a decadent sauce. Be it the rich Chile Chocolate or Fresas con Crema (fresh strawberry cream, to you and me), Cantina Laredo's Churros de Canela are made with a fluffy, thick pastry that makes it perfect for mopping up all that flavour. Delicious.

 2. Bite-sized & practical

No churro slots into your busy, busy schedule better than Tex Ann's bite-sized caramel churros. These yummy miniature pastries come filled with a hot caramel sauce, glazed with salted caramel and dusted with sugar. And you can opt to have them served with ice-cream for an even more indulgent dessert - now that is a heavy load! These mini delights may be small, but they sure are filling, and nothing will brighten your day more than enjoying this flavourful take on an all-time classic.

3. Teardrop loops

Some of the tastiest churros have a delicate teardrop design. Their yummy loop shape can be pretty fun and the more you order from Plan Burrito, the more options you have! Make your own creations with this iconic loop design. Two come together to make a sweetheart shape, add a few more and you have yourself a sugary sunflower. Ignore those who said, "you shouldn't play with your food" - serve this up at your next dinner party. And nothing makes this design more picturesque than that final drizzle of some warm caramel or chocolate sauce. Dipping this funky-shaped churro into the sauce can be pretty messy, but who cares when it's this much fun!

4. Waffle-shaped

All foodies out there know there's nothing more satisfying than enjoying a hybrid of two of our favourite foods brought together in one magical experience. Introducing Wafflemeister's impressive new creation, the waffle churro! Dressed as a typical waffle, but with the soft doughy consistency of a freshly-baked churro, this pastry is sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon straight out of the piping hot waffle maker. It isn't traditional by any means but, served with a creamy vanilla ice-cream and an oozing chocolate sauce, you can gobble up this yummy handheld churro the good old-fashioned waffle way!

In all its doughy shapes and sizes, Deliveroo is ready to take you on a wild ride through the UK's most scrumptious churro dishes.

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