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Season’s Eatings – Christmas Dishes to Order on Deliveroo

Season’s Eatings! Deliveroo Christmas dishes to get you feeling festive

It's Christmas! Well, nearly. So dig out your kitsch Christmas sweater, get Mariah on and feast your eyes on these festive dishes on Deliveroo to help you countdown to the big day. 

Blitzen Burger – HUBBOX, South West

Cover your ears, Rudolph. The Blitzen Burger from HUBBOX is a rich and meaty Exmoor venison patty, topped with deep-fried Cornish camembert, pickled red cabbage, sprout tops, baconnaise and a pot of gravy on the side for dipping or drizzling over the top of your bun – let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

Santa's Sausage – Bubbledogs, London

A proper Christmas cracker, the Santa's Sausage from Bubbledogs captures the essence of your favourite meal of the year in an American style hot dog. This is a turkey sausage served with stuffing, cranberry chutney, parsnip chips and crispy sprouts for a bit of crunch that's then drizzled in a silky turkey gravy.

Son of a Nutcracker – 7Bone, Reading

No matter how full you are on Christmas Day there's always room for a leftover sandwich. And if you're all about packing as much of the day's dinner into one bun, this is the burger for you. Son of a Nutcracker from 7Bone is a stuffing-coated buttermilk fried chicken burger, topped with a sausage patty, cranberry mayosauce, crispy onions, xxxmas gravy and gooey melted brie. And because they're arguably the best part about a Christmas dinner, there's even a pig in a blanket on top.

XMAC 'N' CHEESIER – MEATliquor, London, Brighton and Leeds

Ever looked at that cheeseboard at the end of Christmas dinner and thought, "I want to deep-fry that!"? MEATliquor has pretty much answered your Christmas wish with their XMAC 'N' CHEESIER. These are mac and cheese logs made with stilton and camembert that are then fried and served with a side of sweet and sharp cranberry dipping sauce.

Chicken Shop Christmas Meal – Chicken Shop, London

At some point, we've all proposed having an early Christmas dinner with our flatmates before going home for the holiday. But when it comes down to it, if you don't want to be the one in the kitchen for the whole night, you could always order the Chicken Shop Christmas Meal instead. Rather than traditional turkey, you get a whole roast chicken with stuffing and all the trimmings, so all you need to do tonight is eat, drink and be merry.

O Christmas Three – Gourmet Burger Kitchen, nationwide

O Christmas Three, O Christmas Three, how tasty are those burgers? You get a choice of three meats from Gourmet Burger Kitchen – chicken, beef or venison – that are topped with a hashbrown, cabbage, bacon, tarragon mayo and, another cheese and biscuit course classic, Applewood smoked cheese. Then just like an angel perched on top of a tree, it's crowned with a devil on horseback – dried fruit wrapped in bacon.

Seventies Crimbo – Melt, Aberdeen

As festive toasties go, the Seventies Crimbo from Melt is as cheesy and as wonderfully retro as Wizzard. It uses Melt's winning three-cheese combination for extra ooze, redcurrant jelly for a bit of sweetness and classic Paxo stuffing to top it all off. With a grilled cheese like this, you'd wish it could be Christmas everyday.

Christmas Cleanser – Crussh, London

Sprouts – they can be a divisive little vegetable but we love them and it wouldn't be Christmas without them. You don't need to wait until the big Christmas Day dinner to dig into a side of these though. The Christmas Cleanser from Crussh blends 15 sprouts with apple, celery, refreshing cucumber and zesty lemon for a bright green juice that's bound to help your post-Christmas party head.

Auld Buttered Nut – BURGER, Edinburgh and St Andrews

The Auld Buttered Nut from BURGER is a veggie offering so good that even meat-lovers could happily tuck into this without missing the turkey. It's a vegetarian patty with roasted butternut squash, vegan maple walnut aioli, crispy onions and peppery rocket, all piled into a vegan-friendly bun.

Festive Special: Clementine Sticky Toffee Pudding – Zizzi, nationwide

Now this is a proper winter warmer! After a cold day out in the snow or trudging around the shops, the Clementine Sticky Toffee Pudding from Zizzi is the perfect way to settle your brain before a long winter's nap. It's made with soft dates, Christmassy clementines, orange blossom for an extra hit of warm citrus, and cosy, cuddly ginger. Pop a peak of mascarpone cream on top and white chocolate curls, and you're all set for curling up on the sofa for a Christmas movie marathon.

The Christmas Burger – Tommi's Burger Joint, Marylebone, Soho, Chelsea and Oxford

Brie and cranberry – it's about as Christmassy as Michael Bublé rocking a Santa hat. This dynamic duo is accompanied by rocket, green pepper mayo and pickled red cabbage then stacked on a big beefy burger to create the Christmas Burger from Tommi's Burger Joint.

Lindor Wonton – ZZ Green

After your post-Christmas dinner nap, the sweets come out and you've somehow got room for a round of those delicious little melt-in-the-middle chocolate balls from Lindt. You don't have to wait until Christmas Day to start sharing these around though, why not get them in a crispy wonton parcel from ZZ Green?

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas on Deliveroo! Get your festive favourites, and find a few unexpected Christmassy dishes, that you can order in.

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