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5 Chinese Takeaways Londoners Need To Try Now

Five Chinese takeaways Londoners need to try now

Taking 'let's get a Chinese' from kinda sleazy to high cuisine, London is hotting up on high-quality Chinese food. Fed up of creepily neon sweet n' sour chicken and teeth-shattering crispy beef? This new breed of gourmet takeaway is for you.

Thankfully, there's no need to don socially acceptable clothing or leave your house to enjoy delicious and authentic Chinese – Deliveroo will bring it straight to your door.

Plus, once you've read of London list, take a look at our round-up of top Chinese restaurants across the UK.  

Some of the best Chinese restaurants in London



Barshu blazes a trail through London's Chinese food offering with their fiery Sichuan fare. Expect a decent dose of chilli with every dish – even the spring rolls come hot, as they're served with Sichuan pepper. But if you're a serious spice fan, you've got to order Barshu's signature dish, Fragrant Chicken in a Pile of Chillies.

Where: Barshu, Soho

The Good Earth

Let's hear it for The Good Earth, discretely setting the standard for Chinese gourmet excellence for 30 years. Must-tries include the delicately seasoned soft shell crab and the romantically named 'Golden Sands Dover Sole'. Mmm, contentment.

Where: The Good Earth Knightsbridge, Wandsworth Common, Mill Hill and West Hampstead.  

New Culture Revolution


If you want to avoid waking up with a MSG hangover worse than that time you drank sloe gin at Joan and Tim's wedding, hit up New Culture Revolution. With a strict no MSG policy and some of the best noodles and dumplings in the business, it's a no-brainer.

Where: New Culture Revolution, Chelsea



If Kirin was a person it would probably be Amal Clooney, cause they are both really classy. But Kirin is not a human rights lawyer/ statement-sunglass-wearer/ wife of George – it's a restaurant. One that does scallops with foie gras, no less.

Where: Kirin, The City

Bamboo Flute

Bamboo Flute's food has the peckish hoards of London flocking like it's the bleddy pied piper. Legend says the pied piper's 'flute' was actually a chicken satay stick, which explains a lot. Expect lightly fragranced dishes – the Perfumed Aubergine with ginger, chilli and garlic minced pork is one of our favourites.

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