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  2. Ditch The Lamb Doner For Chicken Shish As A Healthier Alternative
Ditch The Lamb Doner For Chicken Shish As A Healthier Alternative

Ditch The Lamb Doner For Chicken Shish As A Healthier Alternative

Without breaking your healthy eating habits, Chicken Shish Taouk is a fantastic alternative to the notoriously indulgent doner kebab. With different shish dishes from all over the Middle East served right here in the UK, stay true to your diet and get your hands on some perfectly grilled chicken dishes from Lebanon and beyond! Packed with protein and savoury marinades, these top picks will fill you up with the healthy protein boost you need to fuel your busy day. Perfect for lunch or dinner, these juicy dishes are a must-try for your next cultural dining experience. Check out our guide to some of the tastiest and healthiest chicken shish around!

1. Chicken Shish Taouk - Comptoir Libanais

If you're planning to go with a shish taouk instead of a standard takeout kebab this time, the first on our list of juicy Middle Eastern wonders is the Chicken Shish Taouk from Comptoir Libanais. Exquisite cubes of chicken breast are marinated in authentic, top of the mill Lebanese spices and herbs as well as garlic and apple vinegar sauce with fresh thyme. These tender bites are grilled over charcoal to achieve that irresistible BBQ flavour and served alongside the perfect accompaniment of vermicelli basmati rice. At Comptoir Libanais, healthy eating never tasted so good with the Chicken Shish Taouk taking the spotlight for an absolutely ravishing lunch or dinner must-try!

2. Chick Shish - Efes Mangal

Bringing a Turkish touch to the famous Chicken Shish, Efes Mangal present delicious and bits of chicken grilled over charcoal and doused in their very own homemade Turkish blend of spices. Succulent and satisfying, the Turkish twist on their shish taouk never disappoints, bringing a fantastic burst of flavour with each juicy morsel. Served with steamy rice and a refreshing house salad, Efes Mangal is the perfect choice for a Turkish feasting experience.

3. Shisk Taouk - Bakchich

More fantastic Lebanese chicken shish taouk is ready on demand at Bakchich, an authentic Lebanese restaurant specialising in delivering the authentic tastes of Lebanon in every hot or cold dish they serve. A timeless classic, their chicken taouk proudly showcases the aromatic flavours of Lebanon and the spices used to marinate each piece of tender chicken breast. It's perfectly grilled on the outside whilst locking in those tender juices within, so you're in for a fantastic all-time favourite choice with Bakchich's Shish Taouk. Enjoy this healthy feast whenever you feel the munchies coming on!  

4. Chicken Shish - Awa Grill House

To top off our choice of favourite chicken shish near you, we suggest you enjoy an impeccable blend of Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines at Awa Grill House, offering a variety of grilled goods and all the fixings with every dish served. The Chicken Shish here is presented as two heavily stacked skewers of deeply marinated chicken, grilled to achieve that notorious orange charred shade and guaranteed to have you drooling at first sight. Served with rice or bulgur, an authentic wheat cereal iconic to the cuisine, this top pick makes for a healthy alternative that's as delicious as it looks! It's hard to resist those tender skewers, so do yourself a favour and dig in today.

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