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  2. The Soul Search Is Over - We've Found Liverpool's Best Chicken
The Soul Search Is Over - We've Found Liverpool's Best Chicken

The Soul Search Is Over - We've Found Liverpool's Best Chicken

They say chicken is good for the soul and, as we care about your happiness, we've done all the chicken searching required, to save you soul searching about it later. The following dishes offer up the very best in American takeaways that Liverpool has to offer, featuring the star of the show - chicken itself.

Of course, while London may often steal the headlines with fancy fried chicken, that doesn't mean there's nothing going on up north. In fact, some might argue that the best chicken dishes can be found in Liverpool. Let's just see, shall we?

1. Koop - Koop Burger

The Koop Burger is named after Koop itself, giving it the highest of accolades in chickenland! It's more than worthy of its title, combining everything we love for both burger and chicken lovers alike. A buttermilk fried chicken fillet sits alongside a beef patty, all lying on a bed of some amazing trimmings. Think cheese, American-style bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. It's one of the best chicken burgers in town!

2. Spitroast - Half Roast Chicken & Chips

The chicken is served up fresh from the rotisserie at Spitroast, meaning it's lovely and tender (just the way you like it). Succulent on the inside, crispy on the outside, this Half Roast Chicken and Chips offers the perfect portion size to keep you satisfied all day! They even have an exciting range of sauces to go alongside it to give it an added kick of flavour.

3. Grilla - Boneless Chicken

There are no bones about it - boneless chicken from Grilla is the menu's absolute highlight (and that's a high achievement at this fantastic Greek takeaway). Fresh, off the bone chicken is packed with flavour throughout, and you can even make a meal of it as it comes served up with salad and freshly hand cooked chips. Ideal for even the fussiest eaters who won't eat meat off the bone, nobody in the family will end up disappointed!


4. Rumi By Bukhara - Chicken Machboos

So, if you're wondering what Chicken Machboos is, Rumi by Bukhara makes that abundantly clear, leaving you with no questions when you leave. In a word? DELICIOUS. If you need a little more explanation, this highly popular dish is basically chicken marinated in traditional Indian spices, roasted in the oven, and served up with machboos rice. It's the Eastern take on roast chicken and chips!

5. Revolution - Glazed Half Roast Chicken & Chips

Revolution has a menu that will never disappoint but, when you're in the mood for chicken and chips, they've got all bases covered. Glazed with what, exactly, you might ask? Chipotle BBQ sauce, to be exact. It's served up with fries and coleslaw for the ultimate treat. Winner winner, chicken dinner, indeed!

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