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Enjoy Any Of These 4 Cheese Tasting Experiences In Brighton

Get Cheesy This Valentine's With A Cheese Tasting Experience In Brighton

Let's face it. Cheese is amazing. Almost everyone can enjoy a true cheese tasting experience, and it goes well with so many things, too. For example, many vegetarian takeaways offer cheese alongside their dishes, and it goes just as brilliantly with meat. There's a reason it's so superb on burgers, with carbs... with basically anything. Alternatively, you can enjoy it on its own. It's certainly flavourful enough. Whether you're dating this Valentine's or just enjoying some delicious food at home, here are some of the best ways to ensure things get extra cheesy!

1. Great British Charcuterie Co. – The Weird & Wonderful Cheese Box

The range of Artisan British Cheese Boxes at Great British Charcuterie Co. is second-to-none. The Weird & Wonderful Cheese Box is a real standout, and it's quite possibly like nothing that you've ever had before. It's weird alright! But cheese tasting experiences are often best when they're offering new taste sensations. Enjoy charcoal cheddar cheese, sticky toffee cheese, perl las blue and Irish porter. Which one will you like best?

2. La Cave a Fromage – Brillat Savarin

This French establishment is famous for one thing – its namesake, cheese! La Cave a Fromage even mentions it in its name (if you speak French, that is). Choose from a whole array of tasty, cheesy dishes from blue through to white. But we especially love the Brillat Savarin. This creamy triple cheese from Ill-de-France is incredibly rich but mild in flavour for that perfect balance. It's amazing with white truffle and honey!

3. The Corner – Corner Rib Steak

Yep, steak and cheese. Can you get any more indulgent? The Corner brings you both on a silver platter (well, at least on a plate). Ten ounces of beef is seasoned with five different types of spices, served with chips, salad and aubergine, too. But the star of the show? Well, of course that's the goat's cheese. Who would have thought it would complement the meat so well?

4. Pinocchio – Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola

Blue cheese fans, this one's for you! Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola at Pinocchio is freshly made, based on their ethos of providing delicious and authentic Italian food to the local people. Cheese on pasta is absolutely nothing new, and dishes like this highlight exactly why they work, time and time again. If you find blue cheese a little overpowering at times, don't worry. Pinocchio have got that balance just right.

Cheese can be casual, it can be full on, it can be served alone, or with something else. However you like it, Deliveroo will be happy to bring it to you.

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