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  2. From Carluccio’s Menu To Servini's Specials, Discover Cardiff’s Most Indulgent Valentine’s Breakfasts
Peruse Carluccio’s Menu And More For Cardiff’s Best Valentine’s Breakfasts

From Carluccio’s Menu To Servini's Specials, Discover Cardiff’s Most Indulgent Valentine’s Breakfasts

It's never too early to start planning Valentine's Day if you want to make it really wonderful. If you'll be waking up with your loved one on 14th February, why not get the day off to a really special start by ordering in a romantic and indulgent breakfast you can both enjoy in bed? With so many breakfast choices available to be delivered to your door, it's hard to say what would make for the most opulent dish.

Consulting the Carluccio's menu will certainly give you some great ideas, but that's just one of the many great Cardiff restaurants that do breakfast, of course. Making the final choice between so many luxurious breakfast-in-bed choices isn't going to be easy – it's all a question of how your Valentine likes their eggs in the morning, or if they like eggs at all! Take a look at our top picks for a breakfast in bed that will make your Valentine feel spoiled and cosseted.

1.  Eggs Royale

There's nothing like a little smoked salmon on a breakfast plate if you want it to feel like a real occasion. The Eggs Royale from Carluccio's menu combines the opulence of smoked salmon with a creamy hollandaise sauce and perfectly poached eggs. Get a little of everything in each mouthful and you and your Valentine will be in breakfast heaven!  Of course this is just one of Carluccio's classic breakfast choices – you might be tempted by any of the other six on the menu.

2. Panettoncino

Maybe your Valentine's not a big breakfast eater – they just like a little something sweet to start the day. Cibo has the answer with its Panettoncino brunch. These are mini-versions of the traditional Italian Christmas cake, panettone. They're made of a light and airy sponge, studded with dried fruit and candied peel, and come with a choice of jams or honey. Perfect with a lovely cup of freshly brewed coffee.

3. Banana & Blueberry pancakes

A breakfast that's sweet, but also pretty healthy sounds like a perfect choice for a Valentine who enjoys their food but wants to take care of their bod too! We recommend the Banana and Blueberry pancakes from the vegan cafe Anna Loka. These fluffy circles of deliciousness come with fruit compote and coconut yoghurt. Even if you're not vegan, you should give these a try – you won't be disappointed!

4. Avocado muffin

Avocado has long been considered to have aphrodisiac qualities – it could be down to its curvy pear shape, it could be down to the high levels of vitamin E it contains. Whether it's true or not, it still makes for a delicious addition to a Valentine's Day breakfast tray! Try the Avocado muffin from Servini's, which comes with a piquant lime dressing and is topped with two poached eggs. If you're a fan of avocado, this is a perfect selection for a savoury yet flavourful breakfast dish.

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