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  2. Cake marks the spot! We mapped the best cakes in Manchester
Cake Marks the Spot! We Mapped the Best Cakes in Manchester

Cake marks the spot! We mapped the best cakes in Manchester

Whether its a birthday, wedding or simply an accompaniment to your afternoon tea, cake is the perfect way to celebrate the moment and add some sweetness to your day. Dating back to some of the earliest recipes in history, cake has had an evolutionary course unlike any other dessert. With countless combinations, flavours, techniques, and cultural influences, cake has become the most favoured and diverse dessert around the world. With cakes suitable for every sweet tooth out there, glamour up your tea time and try any of these incredible cake recipes proudly served in Manchester!

1. Carrot and Stick - Creams

Bringing the classic tastes of American-style desserts to the heart of Manchester is none other than Creams, a dessert parlour with a knack for sweets with a twist. Offering an array of shakes, pies, ice creams and more, you'll never lack for choice at this spot! If it's cake you want, then prepare to indulge in the scrumptious delight they like to call the Carrot and Stick. Wonderfully moist throughout, this cake is sprinkled generously with fresh walnuts, lathered with a cream cheese centre, and drenched in a gooey salted caramel drizzle. Keep up with the American theme and pair this work of art with their salted caramel twist on Italian gelato - you won't regret it!

2. Peanut Butter Stack - Baskin Robbins

Everyone knows that Baskin Robbins serves a mean scoop of ice cream in just about every flavour there is; it's a true icon among dessert hot spots. However, ice cream is not their only expertise - in fact, Baskin Robbins serves a variety of tasty treats made with or served alongside their world-famous ice cream flavours. A shining example is their Peanut Butter Stack, a champion among cakes, compiling layers of airy brownie cake packed with honey roasted peanuts, crunchy peanut butter, creamy milk chocolate and golden caramel. This cake speaks for itself guaranteeing a taste of happiness with every bite!

3. Red Velvet Cake - My Lahore

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like cake and those who just can't live without all things red velvet. Buttery, creamy, fluffy, and smooth, this trendy cake has the perfect balance. If you're a velvet fanatic, then its time to kick back and enjoy a masterpiece of its kind served proudly at My Lahore. This authentic Indian restaurant has gone the extra mile when it comes to their dessert menu. Among a long list of decadent cakes and treats is their luxurious rendition of red velvet cake, delivering layers of vanilla cream and sponge cake with a pop of colour you won't be able to resist!

4. Cheesecake - Black Milk

There's no room for counting calories at Black Milk, so consider it your cheat day and explore the wonderful world of shakes and cakes they have to offer. Perhaps one of the most unique styles of cake in terms of flavour, texture, and toppings is the cheesecake. Whether its baked, set or whipped there's no denying this type of cake is a crowd pleaser, to say the least. The Black Milk's Cheesecake presents a traditional favourite with a special twist of their own served alongside your choice of premium ice cream smothered in molten chocolate. Who could want more? This refreshing combination of flavours will surely turn this tea time treat into a cheat day tradition!

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