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5 Burger Deliveries To Cure A Hellish Hangover

5 burger deliveries to cure a hellish hangover

Oh, the hangover. Of course, there is pain, both emotional and physical, but worse is THE FEAR. That feeling of unease that suggests you did something urban-legend-worthy. You were sure you went out with pants on… so, why? Let's not go there.

What you need now is a burger so utterly filthy it will crowd out the angst and fill your empty human husk with yum. Luckily Deliveroo is here to say the day…

1. Dead Hippie Burger, MEATliquor


The carnivorous chaps at MEATliquor have mastered the art of the hangover feed. Chilli cheese fries, a Dead Hippie burger and a shake, and you'll have swapped your tears for meat sweats.

2. Ari Gold Cheeseburger, Patty & Bun


Using only the highest quality beef and actually cooking it medium rare, Patty and Bun have reached the holy grail of burgertown. Behold the "Ari Gold".

3. The Don, Gourmet Burger Kitchen


Trailblazers of the burger scene, Gourmet Burger Kitchen know a thing or two about slappin' meat in a bun. With a vast array of meaty treats, you can customise your burger to your particular mood. The Don works particularly well, packed with gorgonzola, baconnaise, onion jam and beef.

4. Classic 1/2lb burger, Kua-Aina


Apparently a fave of the one and only Barack Obama, if there's a burger to make your feel like you've got your shizznit together, it's gotta be a Kua-Aina. Topping their big ass patties with generous slabs of avocado and pineapple, these are a fresher option to fight the bleurgh.

5. Le Bartholome, Big Fernand


Because you are all so sophisticated, Big Fernand is amping up the ooh la la in their burgers with French cheese and thangs. Because who does cheese better than the French? Get your Bartholome on and tuck into raclette, beef, bacon, caramelised onion and BBQ sauce.

In need of a hangover-busting burger this very second? Get your favourite burger delivered to your door with Deliveroo.

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