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  2. From Burger & Lobster to Caviar Classic – Here Is A Selection Of London’s Most Indulgent Restaurants
4 Of London’s Most Opulent Eateries – From Burger & Lobster To Caviar Classic

From Burger & Lobster to Caviar Classic – Here Is A Selection Of London’s Most Indulgent Restaurants

If you want some luxury on your plate tonight, you should try dining on dishes from some of the most indulgent restaurants in London. We've done the searching for you and listed five opulent choices right here. The names give the game away a little – you know you won't get anything but the best from London restaurants called Burger and Lobster or Caviar House and Prunier. Of course, these aren't the foods you'd want to eat every day. And good value food can hit the spot in just the same way as luxury foods can – but sometimes you've just got to live it up!

1. Caviar House and Prunier

For superlative seafood prepared in-house with loving care and attention, you'd be hard-pressed to beat the selection you'll find at Caviar House & Prunier. They manufacture their own caviar and have an in-house smokery to smoke their own salmon, too. Perhaps the best way to sample a selection of what this restaurant has to offer is to order the Seafood Platter, that includes balik smoked salmon and gravlax, balik tartar, shrimps, prawns and oysters, as well as Prunier caviar. Along with a host of exquisite dishes, there's a perfectly honed wine list that provides ample choice when you're looking for the right bottle to pair with your meal.

2. Caviar Classic

It might not surprise you to find out that caviar is the main item on Caviar Classic's menu. You can order the fishy delicacy in a number of varieties, such as Royal Baerii Caviar and Royal Beluga Caviar. You can also order caviar combinations, which will allow you to explore the complexity of flavours and subtle nuances between the different types of caviar. Caviar Classic also has a wider selection of luxury food items you might want to order with your caviar – such as foie gras paté and duck terrine. Maybe you have a hankering for a luxury snack or you want to share some indulgent nibbles with friends: either way, Caviar Classic has what you require!

3. Black Truffle

Black Truffle has made brunch its speciality. There are some stunning brunch dishes on its menu, such as Magic Mushrooms – truffled wild mushrooms on toast – or Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs – cure smoked salmon and eggs on sourdough. Each bite of brunch will be mouth-wateringly good, and even better if you order one of the Black Truffle's amazing house smoothies or freshly pressed juices to go with it. Our top pick from their drinks menu is the Groovey Green iced smoothie featuring avocado, apple, spinach and mint. Delicious, indulgent and nutritious too!

4. Burger and Lobster

When a menu only has a few items on it, you can tell almost instinctively that every item on that menu is going to be great. And that's the case with Burger and Lobster, which offers its diners three different dishes – burger, lobster and lobster roll. Which will be your favourite – the lobster roll served with Japanese mayo and fries, the steamed lobster on its own with a choice of butter and fries, or the 10 oz burger smothered in home-made pickle and house secret sauce? Whichever one you go for, we know you'll love it!

5. Bubbledogs

At Bubbledogs, it's all about mixing fantastic champagne with what you always believed was quite a humble food – the hot dog. However, Bubbledogs hot dogs are far from meek – they're gourmet dogs dressed with amazingly different and inventive toppings. For example, the Small Eye Dog comes with pickled veggies, chilli, coriander and toasted peanuts. But the best way to experience Bubbledogs is to Brown Bag It – choose a bottle of champers and pair with two hot dogs of your choice from the menu. You'll also receive two takeaway glasses and the whole lot is delivered in a Bubbledogs tote bag. Fast food maybe, but not as we thought we knew it!

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