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Oh My Cod! London's Best Fish And Chips

Oh My Cod! Brits STILL Love Fish and Chips

Deep fried, crispy batter, soft flaky fish and great chips. Have it with a breadcake, some pickled eggs, or scraps (bits of broken batter served with fish and chips in the North), throw some meaty-tasting chip spice on top (a favourite in Hull). Pour some gravy on the chips (another Northern variation) or dunk your chips in curry sauce (a favourite of everyone, everywhere). No matter how you dress it up, something we can all agree on as Brits is that fish and chips is a national dish, and we will always love them. Here are some of the best fish and chip restaurants in London for your Friday night treat.

1. Kerbisher & Malt - Fresh Fish

Kerbisher & Malt keep it simple. They know that there's no better match than fish and chips, no matter how hard Champagne and hot dogs are trying. They cook their fish to order so that there's not a dry fish in the house, and chips are peeled and chopped on the premises so that there are no nasty preservatives lurking in your food. Take it home in their eco-friendly packaging or sit in whilst you eat with a Kerbisher & Malt brewed beer.

2. The Village Fish & Chips Beckenham and Petts Wood - Cod & Chips

The Village were a regional finalist in the National Fish and Chip awards, and winners of The Fry's 50 Best Fish and Chip restaurants. Their firmly traditional line on fish and chips ensures that they get it right every-time and is probably quite fitting seeing as they're located not too far from the birthplace of the cuisine in the East End of London.

3. Pier 1 -  Fresh Diver Scallops

Pier 1 is more of a seafood restaurant than a traditional fish and chip takeaway. However, their scallops are battered and fish and chips are on the menu, so we'll allow it. If you fancy something a bit different to your usual cod and chips, try some Fresh Diver Scallops from Pier 1. They're lightly battered in tempura, and the light texture will mean you have more room for their incredible chips. They even do a gluten-free option, and have been praised for their gluten-free batter.

4. Fish House - Scraps

Fish House is located slap bang in the middle of the fish and chip birthplace. Whilst Hackney might be more famous for its hipsters than its fish and chips nowadays, that doesn't stop Fish House serving incredible, traditional Fish and Chips. Northerners who have migrated south will be delighted to hear that scraps are served here, and for southerners who have no idea what that means, you can expect free batter, and for the very lucky, you'll find some little morsels of fish. Thank goodness for Fish House!

5. Poppies - Traditional Cod and Chips

We Brits are nostalgic folk. Creatures of habit, we crave what Grandma gave us and Poppies know that. Their huge traditional fish and chip portions are served with their own jarred condiments and can be enjoyed in-house or as you wander around Spitalfields Market. Their chintzy '90s decor ensures that it is a Hoxton hotspot for millennials who have flocked to the capital to pursue artistic dreams, but miss the more humble things in life.

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