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Bristol’s Top Desserts for Winter

Stay sweet! Sweet treats in Bristol to warm up this winter

The cold nights are drawing in, summer is but a distant memory, and winter is well and truly upon us. But, instead of wallowing in the cold and dark, we can snatch back the taste of summer and indulge in the sweet treats of the perfect winter's night in. The cold winds may be whipping in off the Avon, but the last line of defence has to be indulging that sweet tooth in Bristol with a dessert takeaway and reaping the benefits of sweater season.  

1. Lemon Tart from Pinkman's


Pinkmans Lemon Tart manages to keep the balance of sweet and tangy by offering a dessert light on the lips, yet still the stuff you can base a dinner party around. A crisp light shortbread dolloped with lemon crème brulee brings the signature tang of summer straight to winter. Paired wonderfully with a warming cup of tea, Pinkmans Lemon Tart is best eaten with the fire on and the blanket wrapped tight.  

Sweeten the night with dessert from: Pinkmans, Bristol

2. Nutella Waffle from Kaspa's


Chocolate does a body good – and at Kaspa's they've taken this adage and run with it to form the most delectable Nutella Waffle. Whipped up to the traditional Belgian waffle recipe, and heaped with melt-in-the-mouth Nutella, there is no better way to ward off the winter blues than by enjoying all this chocolatey goodness. Plus, add your own toppings from strawberries to cornflakes, which are making a comeback in the dessert world. Known regionally for their dessert menu, Kaspa's aim to hit that sweet tooth head on with a range of delightful puddings.  

Sweeten the night with dessert from Kaspa's, Bristol

3. Mr Pretzels - Cinnamon & Sugar Pretzel


One of the best things about desserts are how they smell – and the cinnamon and sugar pretzel from Mr Pretzels has to top the list with its aroma. Evoking the senses with the warming notes of winter, the lightly dusted pretzel provides the perfect dessert. Mr Pretzels know a thing or two about pretzels and while offering a range of both sweet and savoury flavours, there's no better way to enjoy one that through the traditional sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar.

Sweeten the night with dessert from Mr Pretzels, Bristol

4. Sotiris - Baklava


Go Greek this winter with a bite of baklava from Sotiris, a premier Greek restaurant that specialises in delicacies from across the Aegean Sea. The taste of Greece marries layers of filo pastry with lashings of honey for optimum sweetness. Perfect in either small easily manageable chunks or available as one of the larger boxes which could feed a small Trojan army.

Sweeten the night with dessert from: Sotiris, Bristol

Allow yourself to indulge your sweet tooth this winter by battening down the hatches and tucking into appetising afters. Share with a friend, or get one all to yourself - for all of the great bakes and none of the soggy bottoms, let Deliveroo bring your dessert direct to your door!

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