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  2. Bristol Loves Pizza, and These are the Best in Town
Bristol Loves Pizza, and These are the Best in Town

Bristol Loves Pizza, and These are the Best in Town

Oh, Bristol... you have spoken. The word is, you love getting a pizza takeaway - but why? Well, with offerings like these, we're actually not surprised.

If you're searching for your new favourite local, look no further. With one of the choices below, you'll have found it.

1. Pizzarova

With pizza made from slowly fermenting sourdough that's been fed for an astounding 69 years, the results are a light, airy dough with a taste unlike any other. Fans of flexibility can rejoice, as at Pizzarova, they prefer for you to create your own. Choose from a variety of toppings, including chorizo, roasted garlic, or feta cheese; or if you're terrible at making decisions for yourself, you could opt for their "seasonal special" instead. Unsurprisingly, this changes with the seasons, but with unique creations featuring ingredients like fresh peach, you know you won't be disappointed.

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2. Bosco Pizzeria

When a restaurant loves Italy, you can tell. If you're also a big fan of the Italians and their cuisine, Bosco pizza makes for a good choice. Popular dishes include the Emilia Romagna, a pizza featuring wood-roasted sweet peppers and Italian sausage, finished with basil and breadcrumbs. Their Bosco Carne is a meat-lovers delight; a pizza with veal meatballs to die for. Reasonably priced starters and side dishes complement the pizzas perfectly.

3. Planet Pizza

Giving up pizza if you've developed a gluten intolerance can be heartbreaking, but thanks to gluten-free takes on the same delicious pizzas you know and love, you need not feel excluded. Planet Pizza has a range of ordinary and gluten-free bases to suit your diet needs accordingly. They even have vegan offerings, with "Planet-It Vegan" coming complete with its own blend of cruelty-free vegan mozzarella cheese. Diners can enjoy attention to detail on a range of meat or meat-free pizzas, including "Earth", with Moroccan spiced chickpeas and roasted veggies, and "Saturn", with herb sausage and smokey bacon mushrooms, topped with onion rings. As an added bonus, we just love the planet-related names, too!

4. No. 51

Wood-fired pizzas, home-made fresh sauces... with No. 51, you get a totally different pizza takeaway experience. All the meats are locally sourced, and there are gluten-free options, too. Many of the popular dishes cater to vegetarians, with the Maggie & Rita pizza offering cherry tomatoes on a basil and mozzarella base, and Two Much Room, a clever pun and a yummy option for mushroom lovers who probably won't have much room left in their tummies when they're done! Try the Posh Sausage & Rosemary if you can. Their sausages are home-made, so you won't be disappointed.

5. The Stable

The Stable is awesome for a cool night out, but their on-trend approach extends to the food, too. You'll find a huge range of pizzas to choose from, including The Lamb Roast and a nod to Bristol itself with The West Country Porker. All the pizzas on offer feature local ingredients, and really quirky twists you may know and love. Want potatoes or even your roast dinner on your pizza? You got it.

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Meat-lover, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or anything in between, find pizza to satisfy your cravings all the way across Bristol on Deliveroo.

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