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  2. These four bistros are proving vegan food rules and Bristol is the place to find it
4 Restaurants that Prove Vegan Food is Big in Bristol

These four bistros are proving vegan food rules and Bristol is the place to find it

There are plenty of benefits to eating vegan food, both for your body and for the Earth as a whole. So, it's no surprise that many cities around the world are embracing vegan cuisine by offering animal-friendly and healthy alternatives to the meaty meals many of us are used to. Of all the cities in the UK, it's Bristol that's swiftly becoming a first-class vegan-friendly city to rival the likes of Los Angeles and New York. Bristol is home to a wide variety of vegetarian takeaways, restaurants and cafés and there's even a vegan fish and chips festival that takes places every year. If you're still not convinced of Bristol's vegan food power, we've found just a small selection of the incredible eateries scattered around town that offer world-class vegan food.

1. Miller Green

Let's begin with one of Bristol's hidden gems and any vegans' absolute dream restaurant: Miller Green. Not only is this place entirely independent and contemporary, but their entire menu is vegan and locally-sourced from Bristol's allotments - the owners' main aim is to provide a healthy, sustainable diet to customers. Dishes range from Cottage Garden Pie to Moroccan Chickpea Stew and Classic Lasagne with a vegan twist. As far as vegan food goes, you couldn't ask for more variety than what is on offer at Miller Green.

2. Pinkmans

While some restaurants deal only in vegan food, other restaurants have chosen to add vegan dishes to their already robust menu to accommodate your dietary needs. One such restaurant is Pinkmans, where main staples include baked goods, wood-fired pizzas and sandwiches. For every part of their menu, there's a tasty vegan option, including vegan sandwiches, pizzas, hot bakes, salads and soups. Their Vegan Bake is particularly popular, with courgettes, tomato, onion, potato and a flaky falafel crust.

3. Sotiris

Speaking of flaky crusts, there's even a Bristol-based pie shop that serves up a wide range of vegetarian and vegan pies, as well as Greek dishes and desserts. Sotiris is renowned throughout Bristol for filling the city centre streets with the aromas of traditionally cooked Greek food and pies. All of their vegan pies are made using traditional village pastry, packed full of your choice of tomato and mushroom or potato and green olives. But feel free to skip straight to dessert, because their Vegan Cookies are to-die-for: they come in the form of Greek 'Wine' Cookies, Tahini Waffle Rolls, Fruit Cookies and Cinnamon Cookies, proving once and for all that vegan food is anything but bland.

4. Mrs Potts Chocolate House

For an even wider selection of vegan dessert options, though, the best place in Bristol is probably Mrs Potts Chocolate House. Not everything on the menu is vegan, but there certainly are a lot of options for those who want to avoid animal products. For the unsure, there's a Vegan Sampler Bundle, with treats aplenty including cookies, sandwiches, brownies and chocolate. Then, if you find a favourite among these vegan food samples you can place another order for the bigger version!

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