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5 Healthy Yoghurt Dishes That You Should Try For Breakfast

5 Yoghurt Dishes That Will Keep You Healthy & Happy

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it certainly is if you're looking to start 2018 the right way and keep your gut healthy. Perhaps the most effective way to maintain a strong, robust gut is to enjoy a regular intake of yoghurt.

This popular dairy product, made by the bacterial fermentation of milk, has a plethora of nutritional benefits, not least for your stomach. Many yoghurts have probiotics, which are 'good' bugs that live and thrive in your digestive tract and help mitigate the number of potentially harmful bacteria inside your gut, which can lead to unwanted intestinal infections. It's not just good for your gut either; yoghurt is also jam-packed with vitamins that improve bone strength, maintain red blood cells and keep your nervous system functioning as it should.

If you're looking for some nutritious breakfast snacks available for delivery across London and many other major UK towns and cities, check out these four yoghurt-based dishes that will curb your appetite and keep you going for longer.

1. Smoked Salmon & Egg Muffin with Spinach and Dill Yoghurt

LEON is a chain that focuses firmly on delivering fast food that makes a difference to your everyday life. It has many cafes in and around London, with the Bankside restaurant focusing firmly on breakfast snacks that are the perfect morning pick-me-up. If you enjoy a spot of eggs royale, you'll love their smoked salmon and egg muffin, topped with a tangy spinach and dill yoghurt that's packed with vitamins and probiotics that help lower cholesterol and improve immunity.

2. Coconut Yoghurt and Compote Pot

A quintessential English-style delicatessen with fresh produce sourced daily from a farm in rural Gloucestershire. Daylesford Organic in Marylebone rustles up a host of gourmet breakfasts that are ideal for shaking off that early morning hangover or preparing you for that all-important meeting. Their Coconut Yoghurt & Compote Pot is crammed with antioxidants known to improve not only your stomach health but also improve the health of your teeth and bones and is easily consumed on the move if you're in a hurry.

3. Soya Yoghurt Pot with Berry Compote and Pecan Granola

If you're looking for a café that handcrafts breakfast delights that are a true taste of home, The Detox Kitchen is the perfect port of call. All of its breakfasts are free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar, ensuring a balanced yet delicious start to the day. Their Soya Yoghurt Pot with Berry Compote and Pecan Granola is like a party in your mouth, with the cooling yoghurt, the vibrant berry compote and the crunchy rich granola that offers much-needed texture and increased fibre levels to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

4. Organic Yoghurt & Summer Berries

If your work office is located in the Soho area, don't hesitate to place a delivery order with Le Pain Quotidien. This Belgian-influenced bakery offers some truly rustic delights that offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of your working day. Their Organic Yoghurts, topped with fresh summer berries are a decadent way to get your vitamins and antioxidants to build you up.

5. Bircher Muesli

You can't go wrong without a visit from Pret in the mornings. They have their very own range of yoghurt pots but our favourite is their Bircher Muesli which incorporates heaps of natural fats, proteins and vitamins topped with delicious yoghurt. With sunflower and pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, sultanas and mango and the zing of pomegranate seeds, it's a genuine bowl of breakfast goodness.

If you want to discover the full list of Deliveroo's participating cafes and restaurants serving up nutritious breakfasts to your door, click here.

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