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  2. Wrap Those Cold Hands Around The UK's Steamiest Soup
Wrap Your Cold Hands Around a Bowl of Steamy Soup!

Wrap Those Cold Hands Around The UK's Steamiest Soup

When the weather takes a turn on the chilly side, a perfect way to keep warm and stay healthy always boils down to a steamy bowl of nutritious soup. Fantastic soups from all over the world including Thailand, China, Japan and more are prepared right here in the U.K. and are perfect for keeping us going through this frosty January. Coconut soup, fun and exotic noodle soups and more are right around the corner just ready for your next order. Check out where to find some of the best soups to treat yourself on a cosy night in!

1. Coconut Tom Kha Chicken Soup - London

First on our wonderful guide to perfect soups to enjoy this winter is the Coconut Tom Kha-Chicken, a marvellous Thai dish with a world of flavour offering satisfaction with every sip! Coconut milk is boiled with ginger and lemongrass in a broth with fresh chicken, mushrooms, lime and chilli sauce with a hint of sweetness to produce a highly enticing and flavourful soup equipped with everything you need to stay warm and well-fed. Full of robust aromas and flavours, the Coconut Tom Kha Chicken soup is an absolute must-try at Rosa's Thai!

2. Mai Fun Noodle Soup - Oxford

Made with love and passion, the Mai Fun Noodle soup from Noodle Nation is a deliciously enjoyable soup to chow down on any wintery day. Delightful Chinese rice noodles are cooked in a light broth seasoned with authentic warm spices and mixed with bean sprouts, carrots, edamame beans and spring onions to deliver a steamy bowl packed with all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to keep warm and energised this season. The perfect meal to indulge in at any time of the day, Mai Fun Noodle Soup is only a click away!

3. Red Star Ramen Soup - Oxford

Serving up a traditional and exquisite ramen soup, Red Star Noodle Bar presents the very popular Red Star Ramen Soup, a classic favourite and their very own house-special. Long springy ramen noodles are prepared in a savoury chicken broth with baby spinach, sweet corn, diced chicken and seasoned with exhilarating Chinese 5-spices making for a delicious, steamy, flawless bowl of noodle soup. An ideal Asian must-try this winter, enjoy the Red Star Ramen Soup any day of the week - whether you need a pick-me-up at the office or snuggled in the warmth of your own home!

4. Spicy Seafood Udon - Southampton

Looking to enjoy a spicy twist to your soup experience for that extra burst of fiery hot warmth? Look no further than the Spicy Seafood Udon soup from YO! A deliciously fresh assortment of prawns, salmon and squid tossed in an authentic spicy kimchi broth with large chewy Udon noodles and mixed vegetables are boiled into one magnificent bowl of spicy goodness. A dish packed with nutritional benefits and a spice that would kick those flus and colds to the curb, the mix of seafood, kimchi and vegetables delivers a strong and spicy sensation bursting with flavour on each bite!

5. Giew Nam Soup - London

Thai Room Restaurant is undeniably one of the most exciting and original Thai restaurants around, making it a huge local favourite for its unique and authentic Thai dishes! The Giew Nam Soup is an absolute marvel consisting of a savoury clear chicken broth loaded with delicious minced pork and health-packed vegetables as well as divine chicken parcels, or little pastry baggies stuffed with tender chicken bits and vegetables. A perfect and relaxing soup to sip on while you crunch through those perfect little morsels of chicken, the Giew Nam Soup is a rarely-found soup served fresh and hot at Thai Room Restaurant.

Make sure to keep warm and well-fed this January with any of these divine soups; Deliveroo will bring them to your front step!

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