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  2. Four boozy desserts to delight your dinner guests
Four boozy desserts to delight your dinner guests

Four boozy desserts to delight your dinner guests

If there are two things that every discerning diner loves, it's a decadent dessert and a delicious digestif drink. So what could be better than combining such a duo of delights? The perfect treat for dinner party guests, such heady combinations of sweet and sour offer a sure-fire way to impress and are just the ticket for helping everyone unwind once the table's been cleared. We have four fantastic choices to choose from, to add a truly brilliant boozy dessert to your Saturday night line-up.

1. The Chocolate Espresso Martini

Nothing says indulgence quite like chocolate and ice cream combined and when you throw a martini into the mix, you know you're onto an absolute winner. This is a memo Cheers Alcoholic Ice Cream clearly received, as demonstrated by their truly delicious Chocolate Espresso Martini. A beautiful marriage of rich, creamy milk chocolate, exquisite espresso and vanilla vodka, this fantastic frozen treat just slips down your throat. All you can do to prolong the experience is close your eyes, tip your head back and savour every decadent second.  

2. Homemade Baileys Profiteroles for Two

There is little doubt that Baileys is one of the most deliciously tasty alcoholic treats around and its rich, creamy texture is the perfect complement to almost any dessert – a reality Valentina's Recipes clearly cottoned onto when they created their Homemade Baileys Profiteroles for Two. An exquisite commingling of beautifully made bigne, Baileys custard and icing sugar, this glorious concoction is the perfect thing when you have a little space left over post-dinner - or when you don't! To really go all out, take advantage of their weekend deal and order them alongside a 75cl bottle of prosecco. Make your dinner party the most decadent of them all.

3. Sticky Date Pudding with Whisky Toffee Sauce

From Scotland to England, Ireland to Wales, there are two things that denizens of our little island love above all else: dessert and drinking. Quite possibly the biggest fans of boozy treats found anywhere in the world, we embrace any excuse to indulge, whether it's bourbon in our glass or Bacardi. That's why you can pretty much guarantee that your dinner party guests will be hugely impressed by our next pick: the fabulous Sticky Date Pudding from The New Club. Combining whisky toffee sauce and Chantilly cream with a whole host of indulgent ingredients, we challenge you to say no to this.

4. Baileys Hot Chocolate

Although we all love to glut ourselves on gorgeous food, the truth is that our eyes are often bigger than our bellies. That's why a liquid third course can sometimes be a good alternative to something more substantial. Case in point: the Baileys Hot Chocolate from Le Chalet. These guys have you covered for indulgence, without the extra fill that a full-on dessert would get you. Mingling rich and creamy undertones with the sweetness of cocoa, it's just the thing when your stomach is already full to bursting.

From profiteroles to pudding, you've got one seriously hard decision ahead of you! Maybe you'll just have to try them all.

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