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  2. The best whiskey (or bourbon) London has to offer
The best whiskey (or bourbon) London has to offer

The best whiskey (or bourbon) London has to offer

It's hard to resist the smooth burn of whisky, but how well do you know the UK's favourite go-to drink? We're here to guide you through the differences between the top three versions- Irish, Scotch and American bourbon.

Whisky (or whiskey if it's of Irish or American origins) is a fiery alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. It is believed to have originated in either Ireland or Scotland, depending on who you ask. Throughout the years, the two nations perfected their own versions of the drink, and the timeless spirit has made its way through the UK and around the world in its various forms. Different types of grains, be they barley, corn, rye or wheat, create different types of whiskeys, all stored and aged in wooden, charred oak casks to give them a smoky, earthy taste. Find out how you can tell the difference between the best of London's whiskies with this handy guide.

1. Scotch

Scotch is one of the world's most cherished whiskies. Made mostly from malted barley, it has a woody, earthy taste with a hint of leather and rubber aromas. It's known for having an aftertaste that lingers after you've taken your first sip, and this "biting" characteristic is the reason why many stay away from it (if they're inexperienced, of course). This is also the reason why many describe Scotch to be the epitome of a rich whisky experience, but not for the faint of heart.

Looking for some deliciously high-end Scotch for your celebration tonight? No one has your back quite like The Alcohol Vault. They feature some of Scotland's finest single whisky, like Glenfiddich 15, a golden red 15-year-old single malt variation. With its smooth honey and vanilla hues, this whisky is one you can't miss.

Another spot to check out is Deliver Me Drinks. They offer Johnny Walker Black Label Whisky, a best-selling premium blended Scottish whisky, aged for a minimum of 12 years. Sip down the burning goodness with these delicious gems tonight if you're looking for a truly authentic Scotch experience

2. Irish Whiskey

Unlike its Scottish sibling, Irish whiskey is distilled three times over as opposed to just twice. As one of the world's most popular and beloved spirits, Irish whiskey has certainly left its mark on fans of the timeless drink. Skipping past the burnt, smoky taste of your usual whisky, Irish whiskey offers a softer profile that goes down smoothly, making it perfect for sipping on after a meal or while you relax after work.

Azure Drinks offers up the world-renowned classic Jameson Irish Whiskey, a simple yet delicious whiskey with an almost honey-like taste. Jameson is quite light on the tongue, delivering a smooth, simple and accessible drinking experience with each sip.

3. Bourbon

Bourbon is a whiskey named after an area known as "Old Bourbon" in Kentucky, USA. For a whiskey to be considered "bourbon" it has to be made of a mixture of grains, but must be at least 51% corn, rye, malted barley, malted rye grain or wheat. The whiskey then has to be stored in charred oak wooden containers without any additives. If you enjoy more sweetness and more smokiness to that addictive scorching burn, this version of whiskey is just right for you.

Let us bring you the best of this smoky delight from Jeroboams Spirits Shop, who carry a fantastic Maker's Mark Bourbon. Blended with a selection of caramel flavours, this whiskey is not only deliciously blended, but makes for a perfect pairing with a freshly-cut cigar. Get a real feel of the Americas with this exquisite brand.

If you're looking for just the right whisky but don't know what to pick, Deliveroo has you covered!

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