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Say yes to yellowtail tuna sushi around the UK

Tune in to the very best sushi - try some yellowtail tuna

Once you start tasting yellowtail tuna we reckon that you'll be hooked. But first we're going to let you into a little secret – it's not tuna at all. In fact, it's a member of the amberjack family that swims the Pacific and which has meat that's altogether lighter but with the same meaty texture as tuna. That's why it's such a favourite with Japanese restaurants who want to prepare and serve the very best sushi in town. And when you try it, you're sure to agree they've made the right choice.

1. Spicy Yellowtail Roll - Sushi Bar Atariya

Let's start off on a decidedly spicy note with this little beauty that's brought to you by Sushi Bar Atariya. It's a variation on their standard roll and comes with chopped spring onions, sesame seed and a special kind of chilli mayonnaise that really makes the flavours zing. Of course, spice isn't to everyone's taste and if this includes you then we'd also highly recommend their plain Yellowtail Roll too.

2. Spicy Tuna Deluxe Maki - Sushi City

Down at Sushi City there's another chilli-infused treat in store for you in the form of their Spicy Tuna Deluxe Maki. They've pimped up the classic seaweed-wrapped maki roll not just with yellowtail but also with spring onions, soy sauce, sesame oil and a dab of fiery wasabi. Then there's more than just a hint of citrus thanks to the addition of a dash of orange masago. It all adds up to quite a taste sensation!

3. Yellowtail Set Selection - Sushi Passion

If you're a fan of sashimi as well as sushi then you'll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds with this great value Yellowtail Set Selection. There are six pieces of beautifully prepared sashimi, six pieces of maki and two of nigiri. So it's not just a fantastic yellowtail tuna treat, it's also perfect for sharing. Alternatively, Sushi Passion are especially famous for their great range of sets that give you the chance to explore all of their exciting menu.

4. Yellowtail Nigiri - Tenshi

In nigiri, the yellowtail sashimi is on the outside, meaning it really lets the flavours sing out – and that's the secret of to the success of this little belter from Tenshi. The sweetness of the fish is also perfectly balanced by the acidity of the vinegared rice. So it might look like a delicate mouthful but, flavour-wise, it certainly packs quite a punch.

5. Hamachi Salad - C&R Izakaya

There's much more to yellowtail tuna than just being a first-rate sushi ingredient - as this salad from C & R Izakaya goes to show. Here it's partnered with mizuna, the peppery Japanese mustard greens, and served with garlic truffle sauce to create a tantalising combination of flavours and textures that make it a perfect appetiser to enjoy before tucking into the main event.

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