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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Leeds

Best vegan restaurants in Leeds

There's a new dawn in Britain's culinary scene, a vegan dawn, if you will. With more vegan food options than ever before, not only is it on trend, it's on its way to becoming one of the tastiest food groups around. With a whole host of fresh new restaurants springing up across the city, Leeds might soon become one of the UK's prime vegan hotspots. We've compiled a list of some of the most ambitious vegan eateries in the city:


Strawberries and cream. Duck and plums. Chicken and rice. Hummus and pita. When two types of food go together, they really go together. That's Humpit in a nutshell: two complementary ingredients pushed to the limit of flavour and style. You've had hummus before and you've had pita before, but trust us, you haven't had them like this. Everything they serve is plant-based and freshly made, making this healthy joint one of the best choices for vegans in Leeds. We just can't get enough of the Humpit classic with spicy salsa and wholemeal pita. To get this delicious combination sent right to your front door, head on over to Deliveroo.


Bundobust have perfected the art of the vegetarian curry. Their food is seriously tasty, and what's more, seriously healthy. Most of the dishes on the Bundobust menu are vegan-friendly, and if you're also on the gluten-free diet, there are plenty of options made just for you. The biryani bhaji balls are infused with whole spices and rose, while the okra fries come coated in chickpea batter and seasoned with mango powder and black salt – how's that for tasty? The star of the show is undoubtedly the tarka dahl and rice, a lentil curry served on a bed of basmati rice and cooked with garlic, cumin and chilli. If we had to pick a dish to showcase everything vegan food can be, it's probably our number one pick.

Little Tokyo

Okay, you got us. This Japanese restaurant isn't totally vegan, but there's so many botanical dishes on their menu that we just couldn't help ourselves. We all know that Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest around, but Little Tokyo takes that truism and pushes it to the next level. Our pick? The bento box with tofu steak or vegan chicken teriyaki. It's a boxed-up guilt-free flavour sensation.

Le Pain Quotidien

A bit of a sleeper vegan superstar, Le Pain Quotidien is the place to get your lunchtime fix. A vegan bakery? Really? Absolutely. All the organic bread is vegan, and there's a wide range of healthy plant-based dishes for you to get excited about. Choose between the avocado toast and the chilli sin carne, stacked high with spring onions, diced tomatoes, fresh guacamole and soya sour cream. For dessert, the organic Manhattan chocolate chip cookie is a must. Expect strong rustic flavours and generous portions from one of Belgium's premiere bakery exports.  

Going the extra mile for the planet? Then let us go the extra mile for you. Visit Deliveroo for more vegan restaurants in Leeds.

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