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4 Vegan Afternoon Snacks From Ice Cream To Cakes To Indulge In

Four Fantastic Vegan Mid-Afternoon Treats To Indulge In

You know the feeling. Lunch was hours ago and you're facing that all-too-familiar mid-afternoon slump. But if you eat too much now there won't be any room for dinner. What do you do? A packet of crisps from the office vending machine? Just grin and bear it? There's no need for either of these let-down options! We've a selection of healthy mid-afternoon pick-me-ups from some great vegetarian takeaways, carefully chosen just for you. They'll be just enough to see you through and we've even picked out a vegan ice cream for those especially tough days when you need a little indulgence!

1. Almond Butter Toast - Squirrel

Even if you think that toast's best for breakfast, bear with us on this one. Because when it comes to thinking up healthy and wholesome ways to give you all the fuel you need, Squirrel are off the scale. Just think how well this would go with an afternoon cup of tea. A chunky slice of toast liberally spread with the very best almond butter and then sprinkled with sesame seeds and cinnamon before receiving its final drizzle of honey. Or, if you fancy something a little more savoury, there's always their toast with avocado, lime, chilli and rocket instead.

2. Strawberry 'n' Cream Vegan Cupcake - Ms Cupcake

Down at Ms Cupcake they say that they'll bring you "the naughtiest vegan cakes in town". They're certainly living up to their promise with their simply gorgeous Strawberry 'n' Cream Vegan Cupcake, sure to bring a brilliant ray of summer sunshine into your afternoon – even if it's tipping it down outside. There's real jam in the recipe and it's topped with a juicy, ripe strawberry too. Add the luxurious swirl of vegan cream and all we can say is that, as an indulgent dairy-free treat, it's about as far away from tofu as it's possible to get!

3. Spirulina Amazeballs - Good Life Eatery

You'll be more than amazed when you try these baked goodies from Good Life Eatery. In fact they're so packed full of great things that they'll have you bouncing all the way to 5.30. Naturally, the star of the show is spirulina. This blue-green algae that's mainly grown in Hawaii is said to have amazing health benefits and here it's joined by sultanas, almonds, apricot and sunflower seeds plus vanilla for flavouring. The result is an energy-packed snack that tastes so great it's hard to believe it can be good for you too.

4. Vegan Coffee Gelato - Whipee Gelato

We promised you vegan ice cream and here it is. At Whipee Gelato they make it in the traditional Italian style using the very latest Carpigiani ice cream equipment. For their vegan varieties they use pure almond butter which makes it silky smooth and, although they have a few flavours available, we'd recommend the coffee if you really want to give yourself a bit of an afternoon lift.

There's the perfect vegan mid-afternoon snack just waiting for you out there. Trust Deliveroo to find it!

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