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4 Fantastic Salads Showing Off the Best of Vegan Food

Super Salads Are Here Again So It’s Time To Try Some Truly Vibrant Vegan Food

It's been a long cold winter, so isn't it great when we start seeing the trees coming back to life and the daffodils blooming? It's not just nature that's showing signs of a new dawn, lots of vegetarian menus are too. There are fresh new salads starting to crop up everywhere and vegan has battled it out to make the top menu slots this Spring. Of course, there's more to the warmer weather than just salads and you can find all kinds of vegan cuisine in a variety of dishes. But this really is the time to give your taste buds a treat, to show you what salad can really be – and here are four great choices to start you off.

1. Falafel and Houmous Salad - Smorl's Houmous Falafel and Salad Bar

If you're worried that a salad might not be that filling then let Smorl's Houmous Falafel and Salad Bar put your mind at rest with this, their signature dish. Recently Smorl's has been getting a great reputation as one of Brighton's top takeaways and once you've sampled this it's easy to see why. Everything's homemade including their garlicky houmous that is given an extra layer of flavour thanks to the Cornish combu seaweed included in the recipe. So it's true – you really can taste the sea in it!

2. Absolutely Radishing - Squirrel

And it is, indeed, absolutely ravishing thanks to the dedicated team down at Squirrel. Packed full of good things, we'd say it's the very definition of an exciting and innovative vegan salad. With

its amazingly colourful array of ingredients – quinoa, rocket, cauliflower, carrot and naturally lots of radish – you can positively feel it doing you good. Extra flavour comes from a heady mix of zaatar and herby tahini dressing and there's even fresh mint to help digestion. In fact, we'd say you'd be nuts not to try this Squirrel masterpiece.

3. Wrap with Sweet Potato and Aubergine - FilFil Falafel Co.

Chef Amal has more than a few tricks up his sleeve down at FilFil Falafel where they specialise in Lebanese street food. He makes his falafel to his own secret recipe and adds it to meltingly soft sweet potato and grilled aubergine for a mouth-wateringly delicious wrap. The salad accompaniment features highly in this spot-on vegan lunch treat, as does the homemade chilli and garlic sauce. The result is a real treat that's big enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

4. Wise Warrior Smoked Tofu Salad - Holy Phok

Tackle the Wise Warrior salad from Holy Phok and we reckon you'll be ready for anything. It may sound like a groovy yoga position but really it's a Vietnamese speciality whose star ingredient is smoked organic tofu. The secret to this is that it's also been marinated in sweet-sour tamarind, garlic and ginger before being deep fried. This is joined by a huge range of other ingredients including ginger, glass noodles, beansprouts and a mix of special Asian Herbs. It's all topped with crunchy peanuts and sesame seeds and served with a tangy lime and soy dressing. The result is nothing short of a taste sensation that'll have you yelling, "Holy Phok!" from the rooftops!

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