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  2. From scones to cakes, these are some vegan desserts that will delight
From scones to cakes, these vegan desserts will delight

From scones to cakes, these are some vegan desserts that will delight

It's a good time to be a vegan. After all, when else can you ever remember a whole month being devoted to encouraging people to go meat- and dairy-free like it was this January? It also means that ever more eating places, from restaurants to dessert takeaways, are starting to feature vegan options on their menus. So we decided to get out there and do a quick survey of what exactly is on offer. For example, can you get a vegan scone or is that a step too far? Here's what we discovered.

1. You can find a cocoa cake

Our first great find is at Hungry Donkey, a fantastic Greek restaurant in Aldgate that's inspired by the country's street food. The restaurant has plenty of vegan options waiting for you and champion among their desserts is their luscious cocoa cake, a delightful concoction of cocoa, flour and olive oil. Guaranteed egg- and dairy-free, it's the perfect way to begin our quest for the very best in vegan dessert treats.

2. You can track down some ice cream

For a long time vegan ice cream was pretty hard to find, but luckily no longer. Even big name takeaways like The Ice Cream Store are starting to offer an ever-expanding range of flavours. One of their most exciting is the Non-Dairy Peanut Butter & Cookies Ice Cream. The vanilla dairy-free ice cream is positively crammed with broken up sandwich biscuit bits and crunchy nuts to create a treat that's sweet, savoury and 100% delicious.

3. Cheesecake's no problem

They might well spell it Strawberry "Cheezecake" but just one taste of this very popular dessert from Tanya's Café will show you that it's the real deal. The topping is a luscious mix of raw-living cashew cream with fruity strawberry and sticky dates. It's on a crunchy and crumbly coconut and walnut base so it's even gluten-free! For an even zestier flavour, their Avocado & Lime Cheezecake is an equally exciting experience.

4. There are milky puddings


Rice pudding might be off the menu for vegans but here's a great alternative that's certain to satisfy. The Almond Milk Chia Seed Pudding from Crushh is a creamy delight that's full of good things. As well as the headline ingredients there are sultanas, coconut flakes, goji berries and agave syrup that combine in a most satisfying way. And one thing that Crussh can't be accused of is jumping on the vegan bandwagon – they've been going since 1998!

5. You can even find a brownie

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Agave syrup also makes an appearance in our final vegan dessert, the Vegan Brownie that's a big favourite down at Protein Haus. Along with almonds, soya whip, vegan protein, dark chocolate and cacao powder it makes for a very satisfying conclusion to any meal – as well as being a major consolation for the fact that we're yet to find a genuine vegan scone!

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